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Amanda Fritz accuses supporters of "killing" Cameron Whitten

the right to hunger strike is an internationally recognized protest of last resort.
supporting the right to hunger strike is in no way equivalent to murder, or even assisted suicide.
it is a personal decision.

Cameron Whitten City Hall Hunger Strike for Housing Justice

Cameron has a very specific set of issues regarding the city's persecution and fining of the right to dream too village in the Homeless District of Portland.

the city refuses to meet and discuss these issues.

50 day Unity Rally at Portland City Hall 4:30 Friday 20 July support Cameron's Civil Rights and Political Expression of last resort.
Cameron was a police brutality victim of occupy portland.
from an email from activist lone vet:

Wednesday, July 18 was a day that will remain in my consciousness for a very long time. Commissioner Amanda Fritz walked up to Malcolm and I and blasted us for supporting Cameron and maybe killing him, she actually used the words killing him. I replied that she was way out of line but was shaken to the bone by her words. We do not control what Cameron does. We are friends and respect each other, but neither Malcolm nor I have that kind of influence with Cameron that would allow us to tell him what or how to do something. We were hurt deeply by her words. I talked to Cameron and he was willing to go to a meeting but wanted me to contact Join and CCC and ask them to be part of the meeting. I understood he wanted people in the room who had an understanding of what was involved in dealing with the homeless/houseless--housing problem in Portland.

I went home and started by calling both CCC and Join, got through to CCC but Join put me on voice mail. Thursday CCC called me back and was willing to help if they could. Join did not call me back. I called and E-mailed Amanda Fritz and was again sent to a recording, this was after 9 in the morning. CCC to my surprise called me back and again was supportive of trying to resolve the issue of the hunger strike. Amanda Fritz's office, the key player in all of this, did not call back until late in the afternoon and said NO to the meeting, I was stunned. What the hell was going on here, the very person who told me that I was trying to kill Cameron was saying no to a meeting that could hold the key to resolving this hunger strike.