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Profane Sass arrested for inciting riot in Park City Utah

Portland based conscious hip hop artist Jeremy, and the band Profane sass, were arrested by the Park City, Utah police for playing on the street, they now face felony incitment to riot charges.
The police arrived and ordered them to stop. The band finished up the song they were on, and this enraged the po-pos, who called in for an additional 8 officers. The crowd booed and chanted free speech slogans. The police singled out Jeremy, and Tomas, who were both snatched away, and are charged with inciting a riot. Bail was set for $5,700 for each, an exhorbitant fee that they need help with. The judge will not be in for arraignment until next tuesday! The popular underground band has a lengthy tour schedule that they are on, and this majorly disrupts and jeopardizes their remaining dates, several of which are in Colorado. If you can help with bail,please do so by calling Eric or Roger at 970-245-3720. Jeremy and Tomas are prisoners because their rights to free speech and assembly have been grossly violated. Any probono lawyers are especially sought after. This is a clear case of judicial overreach, and cannot stand. More information will follow as we get it.