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Assemblage of Memorial to the 29 miners that died at Big Branch Mine, Whiteville, Wv.

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Assemblage of Memorial Wall Begins.
A mounument to remember the 29 coal miners who died in the Upper Big Branch mine in Whitesville Wv. April 5, 2010
Workers are installing six granite slabs for a memorial in Whitesville honoring 29 miners killed in the 2010 explosion of the Upper Big Branch mine.
Beckley Crane and Construction Company is expected to complete installation of the six 5-ton slabs on Thursday.
Silhouettes of the 29 miners are on one side of the slabs. A history of coal mining in West Virginia is on the other side. Dedication ceremony on July 27.

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photo credit: vincent scotti eirene' / taken with an old poloriad camera then scanned

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