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NO PIPELINES! Materials drive in solidarity with Indigenous Resistance

Deep Green Resistance is organizing a tour of the west coast to promote the upcoming Unis'tot'en Action Camp in British Columbia. The Unis'tot'en and Wetsu'wet'in First Nations have blockaded the pathway of a proposed pipeline from the Tar Sands out to the BC coast, and have asked for activists to attend an action camp in early August to support the blockade.
We will be in Portland on the following dates:

Friday, July 27th between 7pm and 8pm at Couch Park.
Sunday, July 29th between 9am and 10:30am at Mt. Tabor Park.

Please bring DONATIONS: tents, rope, white gas fuel, climbing gear, tarps, dried/canned food, coffee, money, and anything else useful in a backcountry camp.

Also, bring any statements of solidarity for delivery to the action camp.

We will be hanging around to chat with anyone who is interested in DGR or the action camp, and to accept donations.

Contact:  Max_DGR@riseup.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.deepgreenresistance.org