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Why Obama Care Fails the Test ...

Obama Care, in Its Entirety has been Technically Nullified by the Supreme Courts 5 to 4 Split Decision. The reasoning? ... The Court Decided that the Government could certainly Legislate and Levy Tax upon Its People ...
...But, Obama Care was neither Represented to the Public as a New Tax, and Furthermore, did not achieve the Vote Count to Allow the Legal Implementation of a New Tax.

The Senate Vote upon appearance was 60 in favor of Obama Care, with 39 Members Dissenting. Absentee Members of the Senate after it was signed into Law, Drove the final count to 58 - 41, yea's and na's respectively. (Experts Please chime in in regard to the Actual Count, sighting the Sen. Seat Vote Signed by Scott Brown, as "Scott 41".)

Likewise the House of Representatives met the Obama Care challenge with a Vote of 219 for, and 216 Against. Neither of which meet the Test for Congressional Approval of a New Tax.

So? ...Who do the People Go to when the Representatives they have elected to Washington continue to plod along as if This was a Done Deal despite the obvious failure to meet the Constitutionally Required parameters in the Implementation of the Burdens Legislated against the Citizens of the United States?

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

P.S. - This is Why I'm Loved Around the Country. For being the proverbial Thorn in the Ass of an Uncaring Government.

--I'm hoping to give you more info on -Mind Control practices being inflicted on activists/dissidents in the near future. If only my hi-jacked wifi holds out. Take Care. Tracy