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Help send the Rosehip Medics to Charlotte and Tampa!

The Rosehips medics are preparing for travel to offer free medical support at mass protests of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Charlotte, NC and Tampa, FL (Aug 27th-Sept 6th). In 2008, Collective members offered vital Good Samaritan and harm reduction care to Convention protestors; and this election year (which promises another wave of popular protest) the Rosehips will again present basic assessment, first aid, and emergency services free-of-charge in the streets.

To this end, we are making July a month of preparation, with Indiegogo fundraiser, Queers with Benefits--Queer dance party, raffle & fundraiser, with DJ ROY G BIV of BENT fame; Street Medic* Training (Aug 3-5)-- 20 hours of instruction on Street Medicking, from basic assessment to all kinds of care--all for $25-50. Pre-registration required (email rosehipmedics@gmail.com for info or registration)

Depending on funds raised, we will send between 4 and 8 highly-trained and experienced Street Medics* to the East Coast. Without contributions now, some of us will be forced to reconsider our plans in light of survival needs (like rent), which could mean fewer queer medics in the streets and wellness spaces of Charlotte and Tampa this year. Help send the Rosehip Medics to Charlotte and Tampa!

Indiegogo Fundraising page

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