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Beyond Veganism : Food Justice (VIDEO)

Here is another workshop that we filmed this past April at the 2012 Law and Disorder conference in Portland, OR. In this video, lauren Ornelas (Food Empowerment Project) discusses social justice issue's involved in the food industry and how our choices affect them. lauren touches on slavery in the chocolate industry, produce worker rights, and environmental racism. This is a wonderful workshop to watch if you want to learn how your food choices, vegan, or not, still may be contributing to slavery on the ivory coast, or the horrible working conditions of produce workers in California.


We applaud lauren's efforts and her work with Food Empowerment Project. We urge you to check out their chocolate list to make sure you aren't eating chocolate from the ivory coast. We also urge you to contact Clif Bar and urge them to tell Food Empowerment Project where they get their chocolate!

homepage:  http://www.becausewemust.org/beyond-veganism-food-justice/
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