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The Worst Drought In History And The Politicians Say Nothing!

The American Food Supply Could Be Reduced By 50%
The reality is that this drought is not just happening this year. The drought really began 30 years ago in the south west and Rocky Mountains and has been building since then. Of course it didn't help the chemical farmers and the big cities of the west coast drained of the Colorado river, Lake Mead and the Oglala Aquifer. And the ridiculous practice of clear cut logging in the Rockies and grinding those trees into paper for three generations has destroyed the natural moisture bank our forests once provided.

We are literally watching the results of two centuries of careless exploitation and destruction of the richest resources America had before we white folks came and applied our twisted perverted christian industrial complex.

Man does not have dominion over earth! The earth has dominion over man!

This headline from CNN is completely misleading and they're using the wrong drought map.
Farmers suffer as soaring temperatures worsen drought in Midwest

Drought Disaster Declared in 1016 Counties in 26 States by USDA
 link to www.dailykos.com

Federal agency declares drought disaster in Utah, 25 other states
 link to www.sltrib.com

This is the proper drought map to keep track of how screwed we are.
U.S. Drought Monitor.

Scientists attribute extreme weather to man-made climate change
 link to www.guardian.co.uk

Because ... 13.Jul.2012 08:22

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

... an even bigger drought is within congress & by implication within the heads of american voters --- a drought of intelligence, a drought of science, a drought of logic, a drought of ethics, a drought of morals. No matter who wins november's federal elections, we lose.

flubber 13.Jul.2012 15:48


Well, now it is becoming a point of concern, though a little late huh? But it's also nowhere near the worst drought in history. Actually if you're refering to the continental united states it's the worst drought in 50 years. If it continues another 7 or 8 years it'll be the worst drought in history. I do believe it's man made and it'll get worse by the way.

worst is subjective 13.Jul.2012 20:52


Worst for duration or worst for geographic extent? This is the worst if you judge by geographic extent.

It is the worst drought in history. 13.Jul.2012 22:33

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Lake mead has never been this far down. Lake Powell has never been this far down and the rocky mountains have never been this clear cut logged in history. There is far less snow and glacial melt as the glaciers are almost all gone and the west coast cities are flushing record amounts of waste water out to sea. When you take into account all environmental data not just crop damage to date this year, this is the worst drought in history. As I said in the above, this drought began about thirty years ago at the peak of clear cut logging in the Rockies and the peak of water demand of the west coast cities and the water demand of chemical agricultural states of the south and mid west. Ten years ago the drought then spread to the south east as the effects of deforestation culminated there.

As long as humanity plays stupid in the face of the consequences of it's stupidity, humanity will suffer stupidly.

May I rephrase that? 14.Jul.2012 21:28


....As long as humanity plays stupid in the face of the consequences of capitalism, humanity will suffer stupidly.

The Earth's habitat is being killed, and the killers have names and faces.

another perspective 16.Jul.2012 19:19

maam x

The water levels are dropping also because the foreign companies are draining us of fresh drinking water and towing it away in gargantuan water barges for their citizens on a huge basis. Google it.
God is destroying the Monsanto gmo corn and soy crops most of all, because He is not going to let them get away with ruining His good biodiversity and built in sustainability of the open pollinated food crop genome.It is a sign to these sold out farmers that they have to stop that and other harmful ecological malpractices.

governments work only for themselves 17.Jul.2012 12:18

the colonial whisperer

The Worst Drought In History And The Politicians Say Nothing!
Why does this surprise you colonial sheeple?

Constructive suggestion 17.Jul.2012 13:56

Converse Murdoch

If you want to deal with the govt. you have to deal with the right department. Perhaps you could go to the US Dept. of Agriculture and express your concerns.