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Call to support Cameron

You got to support this hero
this man is my hope for the future
this man is my hope for the future
July 20th is the day of action for all of us. Cameron has called all of us together to celebrate his 50th day of a hunger strike. That my friends is very impressive by a man in his 20s, I believe he is 21. When I was 21 I was running around in the Navy, probably in the Mediterranean. To be concerned about my fellow man/woman or child was the furthest thing from my thoughts. I just wanted to see the world, get drunk and have fun. I was your vision of a young sailor on his own and having a ball. Cameron makes my early life look like a selfish experience in growing up. He is way ahead of me and I honor him for that. The 20th of July is a call made from a hero; will you answer it or just remain a spectator? We will gather about 1630, (4:30 PM for all you *pollywogs) and try to circle the building that the 5 shits call city hall. You will see many of good nature, some will sing and others will just hold hands to see how far we can encircle the place of no action. This is a command performance of the 99% against the 1% and will live in our memory. I will have a time---will you?

Please pass this on to your list and maybe we can make the members of our city council say, "this is getting hot." Cameron has done his job well, what about you?

*pollywogs ----a person who has not been across the international date line. Once you made it across you are called a "Shellback."

More serious info can be found here: