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The Future

....because the world has crossed the threshold.
What will you do when your food supply runs short and the waters are nothing more than the poison your children choke on. What will we say about education, unemployment, health care...etc. What will you do when life, your life, is reduced to nothing more than "who will eat and who won't." What role will the police and the state play, what role do they play now. How do we get them out of our neighborhoods and convince people that this this alone is the only way to save the human race? There is no morality behind the police, only personal greed and the defenders of theft and corruption.

Can we organize around an idea, obscure the fear and concentrate on the facts like door to door lobbyists, or community organizers, concerned citizens?

The time has come to push the envelope. These questions need to be posed, if only to be shot down.

i've seen the future 11.Jul.2012 12:19


it is murder...

The Great Culling is Upon Us 11.Jul.2012 12:27


Only the strong, clever and lucky may survive the coming junction of many horrific vectors too numerous to list but GMO contamination, Radiation contamination, solar and man made catastrophes alone are all leading to a grinding and terrible future in our crumbling infrastructure.
These things are not accidental and I believe it will be essential to identify and locate the cause of this deliberate scourge. Our future existence depends on it.
A good trail head on this road to justice is a deep look into the criminal and dark corridors of certain banking families and their hidden webs of control. And the effects of their pathological parasitism. Individuals who consider themselves to 'above' the common man. Not a member of our collective 'masses'. Another 'race' in their own mind.
This we must understand.
Then we'll know what to do. Humans do not like threats to their common survival and it's in our genes to deal with such dangers. Cave bears, Dire wolves and other dangerous species which were in our racial past are now extinct

No I refuse to admit that. 11.Jul.2012 20:18

Not that Anon.

There will be no culling as long as we stop excepting what is and are willing to dream of what could be. Enough people have already died from greed and stupidity in my life time. We draw a line in the sand and we tell the ultra-rich we will not except the externalities of their greed for one more day. This means giving up things, material goods that the adverts promise you will make you happy but in reality simply force you further into slavery. We have to overcome the brainwash and propaganda that has been drilled into us over our entire lifetimes. We have to focus on what is really important; people. And if we do not do that expect brutal and savage wars for resources, oil, water, food. And then expect less of a culling and more of an extinction of all life on this lonely rock. The people whom think they run this planet, are too stupid to get it. One can not insulate themselves from total environmental and ecological collapse. No one is strong enough to survive in a world destroyed by greed. So get out of your fucking metaphorical 'bomb shelter', stop feeling bad, do whatever it is you do: fight the man, dance in traffic, drop acid, quit your job and join the occupiers on the east-bank or at city hall. We bring this crazy mess the human race has gotten into to a halt by not participating in stupidity. And we best get to it soon because this is one of those odd moments in history were we really are in a zero-sum game. Personally I will not except defeat.

Stop playing into idiocy 11.Jul.2012 20:27

Not that Anon

Stop paying taxes, stop paying your student loans, take all your money out of the bank and burn it. Live in the park, trade debt ridden credit cards like they were purchased at the local comic book store for 99 cents than max them out to the limit. Fuck the economy, fuck the government, fuck the corporate oligopolies that control the media and so many people's minds, fuck whomever you want to as long as they love you back.

never get out of this life alive 12.Jul.2012 01:26


to Not that Anon- they print money however it suits them; burning it at this juncture wastes any token of value your labors have produced. buy a rifle with what money you have. while learning how to shoot please also look into how to employ, and untangle your understanding of, the words 'who' and 'whom', as well as 'love' and 'fuck', so as not to sound so ignorantly barbaric.

the world's population crisis needs addressing. the elites are indeed the best prepared for this great culling, and at this point might even benefit from expediating a near extinction of their brethren. and perhaps, on that note, those quitting their jobs for occupy and dropping acid while playing in traffic deserve our thanks for doing their part.

death is an inevitability well worth contemplating. working on how we live is a bit more pertinent, but also more of an effort. none of us can claim an inherent right to exist just because we're here, but we can make ourselves more worthy of this mysterious gift of being. we can start with confronting reality, working our lives in the discipline of commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect, and trust needed to get out of this mess. we'll also have to be strong, clever, and lucky.

To HLC 12.Jul.2012 03:28

Not that Anon

But that sounds like someone giving up to me. Yeah I'm sitting here listening to the police scanner right now and it sounds like the whole fucking city is going crazy. Guns are made for killing people. I have a gun and don't want it anymore. Had you written what you wrote a few days ago I would have agreed with you but personally at this point and after a few really weird experiences wondering the streets of south east all night over the last few days looking for signs of revolution I don't want kill anyone. We have to find a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and yes it might take a generation or two to really get everyone on board. As for my grammar and maybe my sanity you try being me. I've been in the background of the activist scene for ten years. I was raised on stories of FBI agents following my father around and black helicopters. And I'm not so good with people, I tend to come off as a little crazy I lived a good portion of said decade behind a keyboard following everything I could. Well life is beautiful while it lasts and I'm tired of being bitter. . If you want to find me I'm on the east bank most mornings between 5:30am and 7::00am / nights for me, drinking coffee. Lets make something new. Lets make a better world. It sounds stupid but I think love wins or, well we never deserved the gift of life in the first place.

And on Tuesdays 12.Jul.2012 04:24

Not that Anon

Our president makes a kill list. We can do better than that.