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Round 2 Of Occupy The Post Office - "Return to Sender" Action At St. Johns Post Office

On Monday, Occupy St. Johns along with Occupy Portland, Jobs with Justice, Communities and Postal Workers United, and members of the community held a rally outside of the St. Johns Postal Station.

StreetNews Report:

A follow up to the "Occupy the Post Office" action in which ten people were arrested just over a month ago. Communities and Postal Workers United, Occupy Portland, Occupy St. Johns, and community supporters rallied outside of the St. Johns central Postal Station in north Portland. They were protesting the possible future closures of some of 13,000 rural Post Offices as well as 25-30% cuts in pay and losses of thousands of jobs.

This is part of a national campaign called "Save Americas Postal Service", which is gaining momentum in several states and aims to save Americas longest running civil service.

Video Link:

Occupy The Post Office II - Occupy St. Johns

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