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Israeli Army burns agricultural crops in Gaza


Israeli army troops set afire agricultural fields late on Saturday southeast of the town of Khan Youness in the south of Gaza strip.

Local radio stations reported on Sunday that the troops, stationed on the border between Gaza strip and Israel, had fired incendiary bombs toward the cultivated fields in Alsenati area eastern Absan city, adding that the bombs set on fire dozens of donums of planted lands.

Lately, the Israeli Army started to burn agricultural fields, located next to the demarcation line between Israel and the enclave, to prevent landowners from reaching their properties. The troops had warned the farmers that they would shot if they approach 300 meters nearby the fence around the strip.

Jesus fuck... 09.Jul.2012 16:51

Billy Bat

Israeli military court sentences 14 yr old Palestinian child to 8 years

 link to occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com

Israeli troops filmed kicking Palestinian child


I'd like to note that the second link is a video taken by an Israeli human rights organization. Shame on Israel, end American aid now until Israel complies with U.N. mandated international law and ends the theft and military occupation of Palestine.