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NYC Police create "wanted" poster for couple who film cops during arrests

in a gross abuse of power, the NYPD has created a wanted poster for a couple who film cops, claiming they are "Professional Agitators".
You can find the article here:  link to www.dnainfo.com

As technology enables us to more easily document abuses of power by police, it is to be expected that they will push back through intimidation, slander, and by arresting or detaining people under false pretenses (violation of wiretapping laws is just one of the many possible reasons).

Those of us in Portland and beyond should take note and try to stay up to date on developments in this area. The police know they are being watched, and they despise those of us who would hold them accountable for their disgusting actions against minorities and activists.

homepage: homepage: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20120702/west-harlem/harlem-couple-branded-professional-agitators-nypd-wanted-poster