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Catholics 4 Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Murder

According to court papers filed in United States District Court (phoenix) an Arizona Catholic Hospital, Mercy Gilbert Hospital (Dignity Health, Inc.), has shown solidarity with Sheriff Joe Arpaio with an attempted murder of a plaintiff in United States of America v. Maricopa County (Arpaio), et al..
Arpaio Police State
Arpaio Police State
According to court papers, Mercy Gilbert Hospital attempted to murder a plaintiff in the civil rights lawsuit pending in federal court, United States of America v. Maricopa County (Arpaio), et al.. Catholic Health West (now Dignity Health) via Mercy Gilbert Hospital, according to court papers, kidnapped, tortured and attempted to murder Scott Huminski, a plaintiff in the Justice Department lawsuit against Arpaio. Arpaio's parents immigrated from Italy and the sheriff and his family are Catholics that have garnered support from the Catholic church and allegedly from Catholic hospitals.

The federal lawsuit requests 30 Million in damages, an injunction and declaratory relief from Dignity Health and Gilbert Mercy Hospital. Huminski recounted that immediately before the murder attempt, staff at Mercy Gilbert Hospital called him a

spic-greaser-taco-bender-loving expletive

in true Sheriff Arpaio style.

Catholic hospital supports Arpaio with Attempted Murder, kidnapping and torture.

Federal lawsuit at: