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Let's make some noise
my wonderful colleagues and friends
my wonderful colleagues and friends

Next Wednesday just before our 5 shits meet and call it a City Council will you join me in flying the flags of justice and peace.

I will bring the Vietnam Veterans Flag, will you bring your peace flags to let the City Council know that they our representatives and not the Business Alliance Reps. Cameron has extended his fast past the 30 days and that has me concerned. He has upped the ante and so should we. Will you join me or just stay home and do nothing? Many of you cannot take time off from work but some of you can, join us for one hour of hell raising. Pots and pans, drums, horns and mega phones are the order of the day.

I will go into the Council at 0930 and sit up front with a t-shirt that reads "RESIGN SAM, FISH." If you want me to make a shirt let me know what 4 or 5 words you want on it and I will try to make one up. I do have a few colored ones so let me know. Time to make some noise, want to take a ride on the Justice side? Meet up at 0830 7/11/2012 in front of City Hall.


PS can't come, call the council and tell them to house the people who are on the streets, when they tell you how much they are doing, tell them to do more!!!!

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Commissioner of Public Utilities, Position Number 1
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Nick Fish

Commissioner of Public Works, Position Number 2
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Randy Leonard
Commissioner of Public Safety, Position Number 4
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Dan Saltzman
Commissioner of Public Affairs, Position Number 3
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E-mail:  dan@portlandoregon.gov

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

More info 05.Jul.2012 11:28

happy face

Why is Cameron fasting? Can you give some background info? Thanks!

Info request 05.Jul.2012 12:41

Ben Waiting

Lots of info as to "why" ...is posted right here on Portland Indymedia

Here is the problem. 05.Jul.2012 19:52

We don't need another martyr.

You are dealing with a sociopaths, Adams, Fish and all the other politicians. They don't feel guilt. The system is rigged that way it sucks whatever good these people had out of them as soon as they gain a position of power.

I try 06.Jul.2012 07:55

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

IMHO Activists put info out to the public, they do this in many different ways, hunger strikes are one way, making lots of noise is another. I like nervous politicians, they will listen more when they believe we know that they are not representing us. I believe in what Gandhi did in South Africa and later in India. I believe in what King did here is the USA by protesting civil rights. I believe in the goodness of most people; otherwise I would do things very differently. I may be wrong and we are dealing with sociopaths; if we are then we are all lost. I protest in a non- violent way because I believe it works, apparently you don't and that is sad for our republic. We need people in the streets, we need people who can go on hunger strikes, we need people to tell our elected officials they are wrong, we need people to be active in this republic. We need people to speak up when something terrible happens, like thousands of our citizens being on the streets and we only have places for hundreds to be safe throughout the dark and rainy nights. We need citizens to yell at politicians who say things like, "If we make it too good for people then we will be a magnet for all people on the west coast." I want to stand before any judge and be able to say, "I tried to help."
"Into the streets"
One of My Heroes
One of My Heroes
Another one of My Heroes
Another one of My Heroes

to: We don't need another martyr. 06.Jul.2012 09:47


The man who set himself on fire died AFTER the police ran up to him with pepper spray and instead of saving his life (had they done their job right) ..(cough) they (sic)helped him out with pepper spraying him as he was burning up.

Thanks for taking us down the rabbit hole of police abuse.
Hopefully the police will stay away and not try to (sic)"Help" with the hunger strikes.

Solidarity! & Justice! for the Houseless!

Public Access Interview with Cameron 10.Jul.2012 16:12

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

Hour interview with Cameron after one week of his hunger strike. Program includes an 8 minute on site at city hall interview. Great respect and admiration for this young man! He deserves our support................. Cameron Whitten