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Video: Returning Veterans Project Appreciation Night

A short film from the RVP at the First Unitarian Church on 6.21.12 here in Portland Oregon.
The event was an appreciation night for the project participants volunteers and sponsors.
This is a video of two of the speakers at the Returning Veterans Project appreciation event.

The RVP (volunteer project) is helping veterans who are in need, by offering a variety of service. By utilizing and organizing a network of compassionate volunteers and donors, to pool their serves and talents to help those vets who are struggling.

(9 minutes)

Cameron Smith reads a letter from the Governor.

And Joe Buck tells a personal story of when he was in Iraq and made a choice to talk instead of shoot.

Also at this event (but not in this video) the movie "The Welcome" was shown.
It was presented after the appreciation event to the public.
After the movie a live panel of folks who were in the film, were on stage for a short Q & A.

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