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I'm not celebrating today.

Stick a fork in America's ass, turn it over, she's done.
What is there to celebrate? Freedom? We don't have any freedom here. Peace? We have no peace. Employment? A huge percentage of Americans are unemployed. Democracy? Are you kidding? Justice? No, we have none of that too. There is nothing to celebrate.

Veterans and Afghanistan people speak VIDEO 04.Jul.2012 13:23

Joe Anybody

(9 min video)

This video features an exclusive interview with Suraia Sahar of Afghans for Peace (AFP) and Aaron Hughes of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) that was shot a day after a historic march for Justice and Reconciliation to end the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) occupation of Afghanistan and begin a process of healing and reconciliation.

This march led to a new growing relationship between IVAW and AFP that is sparking a new antiwar movement lead by the most impacted communities, veterans and Afghan civilians. Currently the Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee of IVAW is working with AFP on a joint statement for justice and reconciliation.

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The video also features footage from the march and the moving ceremony where IVAW members threw their war medals back at NATO generals denouncing the wars on Iraq, and Afghanistan, while AFP representatives spoke truth to power, calling for peace and an end to the war atrocities against their own homeland, Afghanistan.

Edited by Matt Howard & Betty Yu
Interview Shot by Matt Howard
March footage courtesy of Democracy Now! and Chicago Independent Media Center.
For More Info:


oh but did'nt you know 04.Jul.2012 17:56

Not that Anon

The war is over and all the troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2014, cough I mean 2024, cough I mean we will replace them with robots as soon as we can so Americans can go on living the dream of our glorious economic recovery and the robots can be controlled non-unionized slave labor in the Philippines or some shit. You know kind of like Obama was going to pass the the employee free choice act. Face it real soldiers have ethics and need to be paid. It's easier and cheaper to kill brown people with drones anyways. God particles bless the USA. lulz

Put another way 04.Jul.2012 18:05

Not that Anon

What destroyed the antiwar movement in the first place was we got a democrat in office whom could spin the PR better than the last guy. The problem is not the war or poverty or even defense spending it is our entire fucking government is corrupt to the core. Your vote is not going to matter tell that is changed and it would seem the supreme court makes all the real decisions anyway, FEC vs citizen United, Gore vs Bush. The illusion is you have freedom but we have not had real freedom in years. And relatively speaking we had more rights in 1972 than we do now we also got paid more. Most of us are such slaves we don't even control our own minds.