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Why I Left

My revolutionary energy was bubbling over in the lovely city of Portland. Revolution seems to have a place in Poortland. Why then did I leave or another country?
We must engage is revolution like never before. The completely sold out politicians and their corrupt police must go down. When will we decide to take power? When will we get up and realize that not changing is more threatening than the pigs beating us up for a little while. More of our activist warriors are going to jail or just leaving the country. Rise up now people. I am.

great indymedia post 02.Jul.2012 16:28


Short, and completely devoid of content.

This isn't your twitter account.

anok 02.Jul.2012 19:31


Really, I left Portland and started jogging again. And I have a sex life. Turns out 300 days of rain a year, and my penis only rises when the sun starts to creep out from behind the clouds.

It's ya boy