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Heads Up Council

Hunger strike and you
I like this
I like this
Today, 7/2/2012 was a sad day for me. I watched at City Hall the Fish walk around people who were sleeping on the sidewalk near his office on fifth avenue. This is the employee entrance, I guess it serves many interests but one is so council members do not have to see the citizens sleeping on the sidewalks, most are camped out in front of the main entrance on 4th Ave. I greeted the fish man with a jolly, "Good Morning Commissioner" he did respond by saying, "Good morning Joe" "Have your talked to Cameron yet" said I. "Yes I did," he smiled and added, "Thank you." "Go see him again, it did not work." He did not respond because he was busy trying not to step on any of his citizens sleeping in solidarity with Cameron. I had the thought that when I meet my maker, surely I want to be able to say, "I did what I could to help the poor and houseless" and not some stupid statement like, "Well, I did not step on them as I went to get my Starbuck's coffee." I will now add fish's name to my shirt asking Sam to resign. This person must be run out of office when he runs for any office including Commissioner of the city of Portland. He is not someone we need to represent our interests on the council. The cops were there this morning walking around on 4th, rumor has it they got some complaints about people gathering in front of city hall.

I said to one of the cops, "Good morning, you know that you are one of the 99%." He looked confused so I continued, "The people who you protect are laying off cops all over the US, does that sound like insanity?" He still looked confused as he walked down 4th Avenue towards the courthouse. There was a call for a sleepover last night, not sure how many people showed up but there were some and that is a good thing. This hunger strike will continue and we should all support it with what we can do. I will try to get there each morning from today on because Cameron has upped the ante, so should the rest of us who call ourselves activists. If you have not stopped by to say hello guys, just do it!

I am sick that the city council has not tried to end this strike with real possible action; they are all shits and someday will look in the mirror and see what they really look like. The argument by some, that they cannot do what is required to relieve the homeless/houseless problem in Portland because that may cause people from other cities to head for Portland is ridiculous. First, no city has ever gotten to that point and faced that new problem. Cities want to hide the problem and do what they can to discourage people who have lost their ability to live in permanent housing to be seen. Out of sight, out of mind. Second, all religions tell us to take care of the poor among us. All five members of our city council are violators of the gospels, the moral code of the Jews, the book of Mormon, and the Koran. We must do better and I don't want to hear about the millions we spend on affordable housing, that is a different issue, and they who are in power do not do a very good job here either. All five are heretics and we must try to save them from the fires of hell!---ha!

We must bring pressure to bear, and one way is to attend the city council with wonderful shirts with sayings on them:

Resign Sam, ( will now add the Fish)

Right to a place to sleep
It's a Human Right

Talk to us

Replace the five


Let your imagination run, join us as we sit up front and make the shits look at our shirts. Just buy a T-Shirt and use black lettering for your message. I will wear my Sam and Fish Resign at the upcoming Blues Festival. There are thousands of voters attending this event who have a brain and we should make them think in terms of running all the shits out of office.

Cameron and Billy have set the bar high, let's join them in this protest/strike in a meaningful way.

"Into the streets I say."

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