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Corporate Media & The Oregonian Attack Occupy Portland (Revised)

Many local news outlets as well as the Oregonian slandered Occupy Portland yesterday by associating unknown "occupiers" of a squatter house with the movement. Casey Parks sparks controversy in her Oregonian article.
I revised my article after extracting the feel of the article as being critical of and showing sep-aration and classification of activists. I feel that as a movement, we are being categorized too much. There are many different elements that we are all using, and I feel that negativity and miscontrument are a giant thumb looming to aquash the whole thing.

In review of an Oregonian article about squatters occupying a womans home in north portland since september yesterday (which was all over the news), I have come to the conclusion that something went wrong in Casey Parks' head when she wrote the story. Of course she may just be perpetuating corporate medias lie. I saw the footage and I do not recognize these people...some were bandana wearing, but I don't know them. The fact is there was a similar story a few months ago about squatters that were purported to be with Occupy...and were more believable in the sense, yet more anarchists than anything (at least this is what corporate media insinuated).

As an independent journalist, I am apalled of the number of times Occupy and Occupy Portland were used in the news and mainly in this artice. As you will read there, the people that were in the house had moved in last September, and Occupy didn't start until October 6th. The woman who owned the house claimed to have gotten a fake notice of eviction, but the bank (which we later find out IS owned by a Bank of America affiliate) does later serve a real one. This is what the corporate media used to shame the occupants, pretty much accusing them of sending the letter in hopes of removing an elderly woman from her home to use it for their benefit. Who knows who sent the letter- it may have been sent from a con artist, or was official and actually sent from an entity within the conglomerate of Bank of America but publicly denied as a good PR move.

This editorial quoted other cases and classified the people that were squatting as Occupy Portland members, referencing anarchist materials found in homes. This material could be found in ANYBODYS home! When will mainstream media as well as the general public, realize that the term "Occupy" has now become an icon of a civil movement in its pioneering days. People who are fed up with the system occupy and protest and are subject to individual character, demographics, and common goals. This means variety. I seen an in-depth report four years ago showcasing american familys that have become displaced because of the economy, entering and occupying vacant homes. This is nothing new and whether needy people are gaining shelter, or methodically trying to send a message to the source of their suffering, you can't blame them for neither.

I call for truth in reporting, and believe that Occupy organisations are repeatedly being targeted by the media as being culprits for every kind of demoralizing act, and when the encampment was present all crime within a ten block radius was conveniently blamed on Occupy. Mainsteam media as well as columnists such as the contributor of this article are working on a broader spectrum with corporations and government influence to shut down the mass demonstrations as they had to in the 60's. Civil uprisings are devastating to the views of the US through the eyes of the world. That being said, this movement is worldwide and believe me, the power of social networking and mass communication is more powerful than manipulated media. No matter how you look at it, the people will prevail.

Here is the link to the story:

Oregonian article by Casey Parks

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