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9.11 investigation

Any thing done to the least can be done to all and by looks of it that includes murder?

I was a mkultra kid
the tip of an iceberg. Remember that meeting when I was only 17 with Chris Dodd, Burgess, and all those other radical religious hacks at that church in Hollywood when you're bunch of Death penalty advocates took over the MKULTRA program? I have called the offices of the other side many times though they don't want to own up to the fact that I was told there were videos taken of that meeting. Do you all have to follow a planned script?

My name is Keith Richard Radford Jr: my phone is 818 913-3914
I was also at the Stanford Prison Experiment

In the film shot when we were in a large room getting ready for the
part of the program that we were going to be like prison guards I can
be found along the wall in the back with out a place to write and
later given one at a back table. I was one of the last to finish the
paperwork along with 3 or 4 others and made a guard right off Then
into the exercise I was/had become abusive to unruly people said to be inmates. We were told what to do by much older administrators.
There were plenty of administrators.
I did not know who they were exactly because they were alway giving us as mkultra kids, drugs. In the program mkultra I would wake in strange situations, in strange women's beds asking what are you going to do to me, strange costumes, boxes, sets, battlefields, Sometimes eye drops were used and often strange one on one beatings, maybe for cameras or just to document response.
Back to the project,
Those beatings were most often very bloody and provoked by their own design. Anyway
When they swapped sides that is when the other guys became guards and were given
batons and I and others became the prisoners exchanging positions as guards and inmates and the now prisoners did not need any provoking because they were already upset, beat us up, using lead weighted batons stress positions lights loud sounds and through torture, sleep deprivation. beatings by our tormentors had one of the only batons that had a lead slug running through the end of it, so they would beat me bloody and then laugh and would eat candy in front of us then beat us bloody some more. The guards got candy and the inmates did not. The beating were daily and the things like sleep deprivation was all the time in the cells. All these things happened after the shift from one side to the other and were so much more because at first there were no batons. They had asked for blackjacks and were refused but now the same administrators had weapons.
Some one had one black jack and showed it too me and I know the damage one of those could do. At Wilshire Station back in the 70's an officer tore up an office with one I was in all the time threatening he would hit me with it.
My guess was they were trying to make us ready for something and I know that hypnosis was used allot in the mkultra. I can tell you so many things that I experienced, and what they did and how bad it was but I am sure that you know most of it by having this website. The program was not only for murdering people, many of the people were finding prominent positions in government.

Before this Stanford Prison experiment they would move me around all the time. I would wake up in people's beds, handcuffed to plumbing and many other things, inside boxes, in costumes on sets. When the church got involved there was a meeting with congress member who may have thought they were going to do something good but now they won't even answer my phone calls? I was met by a mob outside my High School which I have written about on my blog  http://sosunite.blogspot.com Allot of those people are in congress and the house of representatives today. Worse than all of that people in my Jr. High are also doing the same things in the same capacity and if you read my blog you will find that in my humble opinion the entire thing was designed before I was ever born and with the fact that as a small child I would wake in strange women's beds, many of whom I remember but keep their names to myself, men who are in the entertainment industry so on asking what are you going to do to me, or having been briefed before and told what to do by people saying this is the last time you have to go through this or we only need you for one more, or in this scene ... well you get my drift. I am here to tell you it's not over. I know the program is still going. The use of it can not be justified by anyone, How are people going to explain putting children through these programs today? People being tortured for and industry, religion, country? Honestly sex laws are murder. Now I know you might be one of those sick people that thinks all things go better with the death penalty but the fact remains that the rest of the world does not share these sentiments. So honestly by doing what we are doing is nothing more than premeditated murder, and my wish is that we all stop murdering people.

See often I was at the very least by some of my captors advised that it was a movie.
Or they would say in this scene so what was going on around me always felt somehow like a dream or some fantasy especially in situation like when a soldier had his leg blown off and I began to cry for him and then he picked up his leg pulled his real leg out of a hole and began to dance a jig to a irish tune he and the others started to sing and me coming to the realization that it was the teams morbid joke.

When Wayne Dillard was here and I was sold Guys and Dolls Public Relations for one dollar by a Mr. Hamilton in Hollywood Mr. Dillard would do things like drive at night with his light off just to frighten me so I lied to him, something I try to never do and told him I saw something I did not but I was just getting sick and tired of his putting my life in danger.

Police Brutality connected to State Sponsored Terrorism
I can not believe the extent people will go to lie.
I just spent from May 6th 2011 to August 25th 2011
In jail one month of that in the hospital in our Los Angeles County
jail after officers broke
into our apartment in a senior Citizen living complex in Burbank
California, called the Olive Court, broke/fractured my arm, damaged my
back and in court the officer perjured himself which if I am not
mistaken is a felony and the matter has traumatized my wife and me,
all on false arrest charges since all charges have been dropped and
the officer of the law has to my knowledge not been effected himself
though the matter is being passed on to higher authorities,
but do you have any idea what it is like to be stalked by police for
25 to 30 years?
My wife was forced to move from our senior citizen living facility by
herself while I was incarcerated for just short of four months and we
are both damaged by the incident which was created by laws passed in
the middle of the night through a chain of events where our house
legislation refused to follow protocol and ignored procedure and an
executive at the property management group that forced our move from
or apartment
back in 2003 called Bur-Cal Property Management in Burbank California.
I remember the day and the events like it was yesterday, Going in to
ask what is going on and being told they were recording me and they
could edit the recording to suit their needs but most don't remember
how people were forced out of their homes being called sex offenders,
Now government law makers are doing a kind of damage control by trying
too stop bullying saying our economy is under stress by people that
would not pay their mortgages not addressing the domino effect when
mindless laws are enacted that relate to everyone's well being by
arbitrarily singling out a group to economically endanger through
legal means placing everyone at risk of collapsed structure which
clearly eroded our banking system with the notion they would pack all
the sex offenders into concentration camps, send them all to GetMo
Bay, or genocide used time and time again by an elite class that must
be stopped, especially the maniacs
called Republicans/Democritus's connected to religion like Harry Reid,
or Gwen, Moore, the dirty Debs' like Wassermann Swartz, Eleanor Norton
Holms or our extremists and the like do I need to go on, which the
neighborhoods here in Burbank and across the nation
are full of and now they all wonder why there are people in the
streets protesting, that they have no jobs, homes, and congress have
people in the streets protesting
conditions that have brought us to the brink through misguided laws
where everyone suffers because of ideologies that has no merit taking
jail house ideas to our streets since the 70's which was a very bad
choice of action at the end of the Vietnam War, used by lawmakers
and putting cops in schools telling citizens we are all bad like Omar
Gaddafi ran his country, calling his people rats, imposing political
and religious rule and
congress can't see the celebration in the streets knowing that he is
gone? The recidivism rate of sex offenders is lower than the opinion
that the imbecile Bill O'Riley has for sex offender yet the fake news
and the real one all had it wrong yet and still they advertised lies
for forty years. Will it be any different here when the imposition of
religious bickering is replaced with a break down because of the
traders betting stocks on a lie?
This person by the name of Barbara Benton called the Burbank PD and
offered a bogus tip that I was not compliant but I was and the
officers attacked us in our apartment at 1100 W Olive Ave., Burbank
California after a chain of bazaar events.
Far too numerous to list I will give some examples like:
Having officers come to our prior residence telling us We could not
contact anyone concerning the theft of a laptop when taken to a
computer repair center and being told the laptop was donated to the
archdiocese, after paying a fee and giving our phone number to call
us when it was done the proprietor told us the laptop was donated to
the Archdiocese? This company has gone under now or out of Burbank
but it was Computer Country on Victory in Burbank, CA. Having people
come to our residence with cameras and attacking us, being taken to
court because someone wants to force us to move out because they want
to put a daycare center on the same street when there are multi day
cares in the neighborhood already, having people going through our
trash and telling us that they are required to do so by local
officials at the Apartment on Victory. Having people going through our
property on Olive, calling the police and lying about
the circumstances. Having computers in our position that will not boot
unless connected to the internet yet computer repair facilities
refuse to work on them for fear they would be required to explain
their findings in court.
My wife and me have been married for 18+ years, my offense is about 30
year old and we are getting far too old to put up with this stupidity.
Then in jail staff almost killed me.
Creating bogus test results harassing me during blood pressure tests
which were documented, and officers written up for the action by
members of medical staff, yet a doctor knowing this or at least having
this information available to him, still prescribing blood pressure
medication when I did not require it among other actions. I could not
stand without falling, near death they were forcing needles on me
chasing me down in my cell with syringes and prescribed 14 pills when
all I am is a type2 diabetic? I know how that works having signed a
plea bargan drugged out of my mind and having left custody in the past
not knowing more than my name these practices in police work must end.
This is what they are doing to people in jails. I happen to be a
sensitive person and have been put through Far to much and my heart
can't take this abuse any longer. Just the cost of medicine like that
is astronomical; being a disabled senior the officer would yell at me
"I don't believe your arm is broken IT'S NOT BROKE" Like he is a
doctor? Yet medical staff supplies me with a sling for my fractured
arm he knows better? This officer would take my sling and force me to
have no support for the injury after medical staff issued the sling
and the pain is always there now and he threaten to pummel me if he
saw it again. Trashing the cell we were in and telling the other
inmates it was my fault they were having their property destroyed
along with mine as they do as mentioned above, the use of jailhouse
"pitting" people against one another which goes on in schools and on
our streets now as an outdated means of barbaric control. Forcing
narcotics along with insulin on me? Do you know what insulin is made
of? Did you know that there is a good chance that some medications can
actually end diabetes but powerful companies would do anything to
destroy that if they can hook you for life on something? We do not
have to be hooked for life on anything but people with no ability to
use self control would have us all think we are hooked for life on
things, Not True! Poor little liars are so worried if there were no AA
or NA to absolve their habits with jokers in habits, but the truth is
we have been doing wrong things about thing because of water works for
years. Yet on the other hand we have behavioral science people that
what to make it their way or the highway and force people into some
cookie cutter mold of dependence being only what they see as any way
too live. We have ads on TV that say buy this and get a good nights
sleep, stop smoking and the side effects are only suicide?
"Common! Stop hurting, one another and planning how to harm someone or
put them to death and you'll sleep better for sure! I digress: I was
almost gone. Writing my public defender and the ACLU for a month,
(documented) when the attorney finally came to see me they moved me to
twin towers across the street. Likely named for their fiasco planned
year in advance with their thinking they can just kill anyone taking
use back in time to the stone age? Do you have any idea how far in
advance these ridiculous long range planners, plan these boneheaded
moves? Please read my blog on an exorcism performed on me as a child
and I'm 59 years old now.
These are the same people who put together my mother and stepdads mirage
years ago and he was in the same cell not remembering his name but it was him
because I remember his birth mark on his belly and it is very one of a kind and so is he.
I wrote Mrs. Corrine Brown to tell her of my experience in the
60's with what is called the Street Sweeper Program used in the inner
cities by some radical religious individuals who feel they just need
to hurt someone because she is an avid proponent for the death penalty
and pushes sex laws and over the years I completely understand what
they want from these laws which is not just criminal but in fact is
more than criminal, it's an encroachment on human nature when people
do what they can to seek a mate/date/Maslow's respected need called
sex. What they did to me was throw me into a dumpster in the early
evening and lock it. By morning when the dumpster was to be emptied as
the trash truck came around the operator had the keys and by the time
I was awake enough to respond to the situation I was being dumped into
the garbage truck. Once in the truck there were other children in the
truck already in fear for their lives as the compactor was becoming a
problem as the truck filled through the route. There was a girl and
two boys already in the truck and since there were some wooden planks
and some carpet center rolls in the dumpster I was in we fashioned
some struts to keep from being crushed inside the truck body. Now all
this is documented at the landfill in Los Angeles California and the
girl was actually thrown out by her parents she said and my parents
never called the police so I do not know if they had anything to do
with the situation or not but the people at the dump at the time were
suspicious as to whether or not they knew. Our parents were call to
pick us up at the landfill. At school one kid came up to me and said
that one of the original Garbage Pail Kids cards were dedicated to me
and showed me a card with a fat kid and a bunch of spaghetti on his
face on the card and said that's you. As a kid I was disappointed with
the look but did not appreciate the card being a child wanting to look
a bit better but now understand the honor given if what the other kid
was saying was true but at least that is what I was told. The card is
not as important as the documentation at the landfill which will show
that we were in the back of that truck. There was also a huge Hog
thrown out on a sofa that day Now from what I hear some people were
released from jail that were said to have been the perpetrator of the
crimes and if that is the case then some people use their children to
create a stir in their community by calling the incidents like this
one to community outrage when in fact its just some parents wanting to
dispose of their children and get sympathy for doing so. True Story
documented and verifiable. Please look into it because I am not making
this up. Now this is a true statement and by now you know I am not a
fabricator of lies and tell the truth. The facts are that I have been
told by people (one such person is Larry Squires) who worked/works in
the position of commissary inmate services that said that the people
that put the money on the books of inmates that have had their
children murdered have told him that the murder for hire of the child
was in fact done for the parent of the child. Now I know this may
sound difficult for you to except but this is what I have heard along
with even much worse directed to some of these people that use these
crimes to further their positions in government. Now if you don't
believe me ask Larry Squires. I am sure you can find him, he's doing
life in prison. This is an outrage the push for the death penalty and
sex laws being used to forward an agenda to make legal the use of laws
to perpetuate murder or life sentences for touching someone. This is
disgusting and criminal at least. Savageness of a people using
ideology outdated beyond usefulness. I think by now people know the
use of the stock market and the way that derivatives work where people
can actually bet on whether or not someone will pay their debts and
how the sex laws have driven the markets but if you don't believe me
ask Bernie Madoff. This is why I have no debt except a vehicle note
with my credit union just recently accrued, but it took us twelve
years to chose to borrow anything.
I just downloaded an App from the net to be alerted
where sex offenders live and got an EMail that can be directly traced to
that App asking me to send any children I have,
(noting teens) to school for making movies in
Hollywood. Now you may ask why this seemingly early
SNL John Adam Belushi reference modification to one
of his early movies (The Blues Brothers) seems
so fitting when he said "I want to buy your children"
dressed as a saudi in a restaurant, has been changed
to send us your money and your
children but read on and you will understand.

As a child I was subjected to Electroshock Therapy
and made to believe that I was somehow the devil's only
child by outside interpretations of religious groups/organizations
and people using my folks these people would stick needles
in my neck, place me in situations and use my responses to
write their shows.

True story:

If you have seen the movie Case39 you can imagine a very over
active and imaginative social worker who wants to blame some-kind
of supernatural occurrence on a child who in fact was not a girl in
real life but was a boy living with his very religious Mom and
Dad in Whitter California in the late 50's
the removal of the child from the family by officials.

The truth was of the boys removal from the home, and he did ask to live
with her (the social worker) and the case is documented. The boss did
bump his head and did have a fly crawl through the nasal passage that
he got at a picnic that flew up his nose, and the social worker did take
the boy to the funeral blaming the child for some strange activity when
in truth in her mind was real but really just how the movie showed could
only be presented as a horror film genre from a demented mind by a
person that could really believe such bunk.

The boy, not girl, was getting phone calls from people that were using
wireless phones when the technology was new and the sounds were very
disturbing like growling. If you don't know, our secret service tests all
technologies before allowing them to be released to pro developers who
tweek them before releasing them to consumers.

The social worker did drive off the end of a pier and she did try to
kill the child. Not knowing the other child was in the car at all
The officer that fished me out of the water clinging to the pier thinking
I was going to try to survive on my own because my family was gone
told me that I was going somewhere where she
could not get to me again and that she had become unstable but the
fact is I was put into a youth detention center where guards pitted kids
against one another in fights for the staffs entertainment.

What is not made clear in the movie and would be more horrible than
the movie is the truth that the child was not alone in the car. There
was a girl who was in the trunk having been taken from her family over
and over again that had help making a way through the trunk via the
back seat by others she knew, she would come through the back seat
and would hide on the floor behind the social workers seat
and pop up to frighten her in retaliation for being removed from her

Now if you want more information I can supply that because I was that
boy who lived the occurrences, so badly skewed and misrepresented by
the studio used in the movie produced by Paramount Studios and if that
is the way for Hollywood/Missing and Exploited Children/Congress/any
one else to somehow conceal the murder of a young girl then you all
deserve one another, but I can not believe that is the case.

See years ago we were more savage than today but I have got to say, we
have a long way to go and at 76% of a billion dollars per year added
to our defect a short time to get there.

Just between you and me I
told congress rep straight to her face that I would not do
this if I could not go to jail, See when I talked to the Admiral that
put my name in the hat for service related duty, he told me of his
story and how concerning the past war how he spent his time mostly in
the brig and that for whatever reason which he would not clarify said
he felt that was what saved him, which getting more on the subject was
like pulling fingernails on a an empty Pepsi can, you just are not
going to get anything. I guess he was and still is pretty tough, even
though he was just made to step down this does not negate the facts.
No on base with my brother I was asked by an officer to say that this was
a General for what ever reason she had, but that if anything has been
my crime, by doing what I am asked by people I think might be for
some reason asking me to do things might own up to their requests
like having people tell me do this or do that or else, but being naive
I have found trusting people to tell the truth does not work out.

This is all true and verifiable and that does not scratch the surface
of the garbage I've been through. So pleases help your loved one and end
sex laws because being made ward of the state and then being used like
one time when they actually put sticky pads one me as a child and
attached wires in the back of a car and that car being run into a
cement block,,, I was told that they need the data?
TO CALIBRATE the machines I was used as a crash test dummy!
The guys hooking me up told me stuff which I am
thankful today for what the guy said,,, he said "We think you're getting
the dirty end of the stick on this one so we're pretty sure they can't
hide that information (name of persons used to calibrate the safety test
made and thats how they work (meaning some factions of our government
go around deleting information that can get them in trouble) So your
name will be on
that documentation and will be available some day to the right people
when you really need it.

This is all true and I would swear to it in a court of law. There is
no statutes of limitations on murder and I have no idea if the little girl
that was in the trunk of that small car was ever retrieved but I do know
that I was drugged by both police and others in an industry that
will actually sell you names and information on the web, gleaned from
the web through companies like intuit, set up email through companies
like Solendra running backdoor programs too increase wealth and all
in the name of protecting children as they hide the murder of children
during the exploitation of them like a hide and seek game telling
people "We are the good guy's, look at those other people." Well
have you looked at one of those sex offender maps lately?
There is like three sex offender on every block and it costs billions
of dollars to legislate, prosecute, warehouse, move and house, monitor,
all these people that a very few are getting rich off the process with
no results other than the reasoning that people Like Oliver Wendell
Holms might respect or some bigot like Bill O'Reilly may salivate
over but the devastation is the nation we live in. The CNN fake news
loons spent the last three decades telling the nation how dangerous
sex offenders are and how the only good sex offender is a dead one,
even naming Apps after news shows like 360 when the truth is all
together something else. Who is behind this farce if not the closed
minded. These jerks would tell you it is ok to have an open mind
but not so open that your brains fall out. Tell me if that is not one
of the most preposterous statements ever made by a person ever
in a direct effort to close minds. Anyone using such an argument
is doing nothing less and are locked into such ignorance as the
people that would argue the world is flat. So the ones in congress
and high raking gov. jobs are the oens that see dead people and angles
for a fee. Just like the extortion being conducted on sex offenders who
are told we have your picture on the internet so gives us money and we
will take it off, so what's next? each time someone missies a oil change
we get our pictures on the web till we pay to get it off? Don't you see?
anything done to the least can be done all?