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Corporate Media & The Oregonian Attack Occupy Portland In Squater Story 6/29

Many local news outlets as well as the Oregonian slandered Occupy Portland yesterday by associating unknown "occupiers" of a squater house with the movement. Casey Parks sparks controversy in his Oregonian article.

In review of an Oregonian article about squaters occupying a womans home in north portland since september today (which was all over the news), I have come to the conclusion that something went wrong in Casey Parks head when he wrote the story. Of course he may just be perpetuating corporate medias lie. I seen the footage and I do not recognize these people...some were bandana wearing, but I don't know them. The fact is there was a similar story a few months ago about squaters that claimed they were with Occupy...and were more believable in the sense, yet more Anarchists than anything.

As an independent journalist, I am apalled of the number of times Occupy and Occupy Portland were used in the news and mainly in this artice. As you've read there, the people that were in the house had moved in last September, and Occupy didn't start until October 6th..however they did happen to move in in the second week of September as the OWS movement was just getting ready to start. I did not hear one of the so-called "Occupy Portland" squaters state that the were from Occupy Portland and if they did its likely untrue...it upsets me that this lie is being told.

This is a quote from that editorial: "Wiedeman was arrested at Canson's home last month on charges of vandalizing ATMs and banks, part of Occupy Portland actions. " How untrue is that statement? I remember this story, and though this guy claimed association with OP- his acts were part of the ATM vandalisms and bank destruction that was announced in a press release to the PPB from anarchists about the F29 day of action planned as isolated direct action by Portland anarchists. They even stated that their actions will be separate and independent acts from Occupy Portlands day of action on F29...but that they believe this element is necessary and that Occupy would wake up to the notion that these kinds of actions in their opinion were needed in such a movement.

I call for truth in reporting, and believe that Occupy organisations are repeatedly being targeted by the media as being culprits for every kind of demoralizing act, and when the encampment was present all crime within a ten block radius was conveniently blamed on Occupy. Mainsteam media as well as columnists such as the contributor of this article are working on a broader spectrum with corporations and government influence to shut down the mass demonstrations as they had to in the 60's. Civil uprisings are devastating to the views of the US through the eyes of the world. That being said, this movement is worldwide and believe me, the power of social networking and mass communication is more powerful than manipulated media. No matter how you look at it, the people will prevail.

Here is the link to the story, feel free to comment on it there- I did:

[corporate media article]

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Wow 30.Jun.2012 06:00


I'm so dismayed that your problem with this story is the association with occupy. Not the issue of housing or the slanderous lies that are rampant in the story. I'm also bemused that your claim not to recognze someone demonstrates to you that they aren't occupy, even though occupy's rhetoric is '99%' and all that jazz. So which is it, occupy is a small group of people that are known to your or the '99%'? Hmmm.

Well the fact is that those people didn't enter the house until around march (I know, unexpectedly the media told a lie) but it doesn't sound as good to say these people who occupied a house that was vacant for nearly a year are being kicked out, when you claim that they were occupying it in sept. and accuse them of evicting the owner. Ya. So anyway, these people have now been ejected from their home, with no place to live because boohoo 'school teacher X', who had BTW known about their occupancy since march, decided that they wanted to make a quick buck and the easiest way to do that was to call the cops and invent a smear story for the press.

Oh but the REAL tradgedy here is that thy press associated them woth occupy... Well they aren't part of occupy and this article is a good example of why, you just throw people under the bus because your image is more important than action or principles. These people are acting on their beliefs, trying to fight a system which wages an unnrelenting war on the poor, you don't want them associated with you... Solidarity... eh,,, right... So occupy some apathy and try to salvage your image, just make sure that you don't openly support any one that is actually fighting the class-war because then TV might make you look bad.

We Never Forgive. We Never Forget. Expect Us. 30.Jun.2012 07:59


The idea that squatters would somehow find out that someone is late on their payments and send them a fake eviction letter is absurd. There are plenty of empty homes in Portland, those are the ones they target. This is such a hatchet job. What kind of collusion is going on between the police and the media for them to jointly participate in this operation?

If anyone wants to go chasing douchebag KATU reporter Thom Jensen around outside his house, his home address is 15927 SE Nehalem St. Portland, OR 97236. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Or if you'd like to give him a call to discuss the errors in his story, his home phone is (503) 761-0491.


banks 30.Jun.2012 14:45


One of the more interesting parts of this story is the claim that one of the 'squatters' had forged an eviction order from a bank, perhaps by looking up lists of people who are behind on their payments, and further victimizing them by scaring them out of the house out of a sense of malice.

So, is that a total lie, or what the heck happened with the previous mortgage holder? Was the house really vacant for a year, and what is the mortgage holder talking about?

Can you say yellow journalism 30.Jun.2012 17:30

Not Rupert

The original story in the Oregonian takes cheap shots at Occupy Portland and the liberators. The article was full of 1/2 truths and sensationalism. It could have been written for the Portland Police Rag and no would of noticed the difference.

Correction 30.Jun.2012 18:11

Mobile T

The Oregonian reporter (Casey Parks) referenced here is incorrectly referred to as a male. Though I am disgusted with her article, it is important that correct info is posted related to this article.

There was no eviction letter 01.Jul.2012 11:13


Personally knowing these squatters I can say without a doubt that their was no eviction letter sent by them, I can't say I know where that story began but my guess is that gloria got a letter from recon trust, knew that the house would be hitting the auction market within the year (which it did, which is where the house was found out about) and decided that they couldn't stay in the house if it might be auctioned out from under them. Gloria told the people living there that she didn't want the house back in march, now comes a short sale opportunity and she calls in the police. That person is an underhanded, stain on society, who I would wager decided to make a sotry out of a letter that never existed.