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SATURDAY: Republican Executive Committee Meeting in Eugene

2225 Coburg Road in Eugene

Noon - 1pm

The ORP Executive Committee is meeting to appoint ALL Alternate Delegate positions when most of these positions were in fact filled during the conventions. We will have a presence outside the meeting and attempt to go inside to observe the meeting.
This past Saturday, June 23rd, the Oregon Republican Party held district conventions across the state for the sole purpose of electing delegates and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention. After the first vote was counted, eight of ten At Large Delegate seats were filled with first time Precinct Committee Persons (Ron Paul supporters). Officials holding high positions within the ORP and other individuals with close ties to said officials expected to be elected to those positions and were not. When it became apparent that the results of the convention would not be in their favor, they proceeded to delay the conventions so that the scheduled business could NOT be completed. The plan was then to have the ORP Executive Committee appoint the remaining positions with individuals of their choosing.