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Video: Justice For Janitors - Rally, Speeches and March 6.15.12

Hundreds of Janitors, workers, union members, city leaders and citizens all joined together on 6/15 in Terry Schrunk Plaza to demand "Justice for Janitors with a Living Wages, and Health Care Benefits...
Organized by SEIU [Local 49] a rally to demand living wages, health care, and sick days for ALL janitors in PDX.

The event stated with speakers and speeches from community organizers and working janitors. It was followed by speeches by the mayor and county commissioners. Then the 300+ rally took to the streets (I mean the sidewalks) ... over 4 blocks long the line stretched with family's & janitors & community members walking in solidarity

 http://youtu.be/DskVHSBPFHw PART 1 (rally & Interview)- 3.min
 http://youtu.be/USaC9oeny14 PART 2 (speeches) - 17.min
 http://youtu.be/N1OAAPPoQcI PART 3 (march through downtown) - 12.min

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