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Bolivia:Morales no dialogue with TIPNIS marchers arriving in La Paz

no to the road through TIPNIS national park and indigenous terrority
After 62 days on the road, the ninth march in defense of TIPNIS announced its intention to settle in the Plaza Murillo but were blocked by police and MAS suppertors. They tried to get into main square twice but police blocked and used some pepper spray.

Video: Police blocking TIPNIS marchers and being pepper sprayed.


March entering La Paz:


More Photos:

 link to www.lostiempos.com


Unbelievable governmental reaction regarding the TIPNIS!!!
Posted by Bolivian Thoughts

< http://bolivianthoughts.com/author/xxxyyy34/> &#8901;June 28, 2012
&#8901; Leave a Comment< link to bolivianthoughts.com

Current government really needs great minds to redo their negotiation and
policy implementation. It is highly questionable that a long, hard walk
from Beni to La Paz, has to end in this type of minutia.

El Deber reports:

*Government questioned leaders of the 9th March and ruled out dialogue with

< http://bolivianthoughts.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/2012-06-28-04-21-08-pm.jpg>The
Government today asked the 9th March of the TIPNIS, who arrived the city of
La Paz yesterday to define who the legitimate spokespersons will be for
this mobilization and the specific topics to be addressed in the dialogue
with the Executive, since that they [gov] ruled out a meeting with the
leaders accused them of drug trafficking, of trying to install gambling houses
and traffic of wood, as in the case of Bertha Bejarano and Adolfo Chavez,
President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB).

 link to www.eldeber.com.bo

*I'm speechless!! instead of going after a solution and compliance with the
Constitution and Laws, let alone common sense, we are embarked in this ugly
side of "Bolivian politics". Lets not forget that starting with current
vice-president himself, who served time in jail for terrorism accusations,
this government now uses that kind of arguments... *

Second TIPNIS march arrives in La Paz

Posted by boliviadiary< http://boliviadiary.wordpress.com/author/boliviadiary/>on
28 June 2012

*Dario Kenner, La Paz*

Updates on Bolivia:  https://twitter.com/dariokenner

Facebook: * http://www.facebook.com/BoliviaDiary*

For the second time in 8 months a march by representatives of indigenous
movements arrived in La Paz to demand a road does not cut through the
TIPNIS indigenous territory and national park. There were definitely fewer
people yesterday compared to when the first
march< link to boliviadiary.wordpress.com
here in October but there were still thousands of people lining the
streets to welcome the marchers who covered 600km since they left Trinidad
in Boliviaエs Amazon in April. The indigenous leaders of the march have said
they will not leave La Paz until they have guarantees a road will not go
through the TIPNIS. It remains to be seen if they will be as successful as
last time when they pressured the Evo Morales government to pass a law
banning any road< link to boliviadiary.wordpress.com
the TIPNIS. The Bolivian government is determined to build the road
so the next few days will be crucial to see if there is a dialogue and if
an agreement is reached. Last night the Bolivian government
said< http://www3.abi.bo/nucleo/noticias.php?i=2&j=20120627193604>it
was willing to begin a dialogue.

For now the marchers are in mourning because this morning a 6 month old
baby died < http://www.erbol.com.bo/noticia.php?identificador=2147483960542>from
a fever due to the harsh cold (it is the coldest time of year in La
Paz). In the last few days the marchers has been sleeping outside at an
altitude of around 4,000 metres above sea level as they got closer to La

*Further reading:*

26 June. Indian Country Today: *Indigenous Delay March as Police Strike
Grips Bolivia* LINK< link to indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com

11 June. Bolivia Diary: *Second march against TIPNIS road nears La
Paz* LINK< link to boliviadiary.wordpress.com
Detailed background< link to boliviadiary.wordpress.com
TIPNIS issue.

* link to www.youtube.com


The march makes its way into the city. The President of the TIPNIS
Subcentral Fernando Vargas told me the objective of the march was to ensure
the government respects the Constitution, Mother Earth and indigenous
territories. Listen to the interview with Fernando Vargas in
Spanish< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljD0XWpr794>
[image: Indigenous marchers get to La Paz (credit: Dario
Kenner)]< link to boliviadiary.files.wordpress.com

Indigenous marchers get to La Paz (credit: Dario Kenner)

Members of Boliviaエs indigenous peoples participate in the march in defence
of the TIPNIS.

Indigenous movement CONAMAQ, that brings together indigenous communities in
the western highlands and central valleyエs, has participated in the second
TIPNIS march since it began on 27 April. Felix Becerra, head of CONAMAQ,
told me they were on this march to defend their territories and all
national parks in Bolivia. Listen to interview with Felix
Becerra< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbeEny8dxUI&feature=plcp>in
[image: Second TIPNIS march arrives in La Paz (credit: Dario
Kenner)]< link to boliviadiary.files.wordpress.com

Second TIPNIS march arrives in La Paz (credit: Dario Kenner)

The march continues. One of the main chants throughout the day was "Yes
TIPNIS, No Coca". This was a reference to the fact that some believe a road
through the TIPNIS would favour the *cocaleros* (coca growers), a key
support base of President Morales, who could grow coca in parts of the
national park they currently do not have access to. The southern area of
the TIPNIS national park has been in a process of occupation by cocaleros
since the 1970s< https://nacla.org/blog/2011/8/12/bolivia-indigenous-groups-march-against-tipnis-highway>
map at this link< link to boliviadiary.wordpress.com
area "Poligono 7) and eventually was separated from the official
indigenous territory in 2009.

The march tried to get into Plaza Murillo (main square in La Paz and
location of the Presidential palace and Plurinational Assembly) at two
moments but police blocked their way and the second time used pepper spray
to disperse protestors. There was a lot of tension but the marchers decided
to leave and go to the Plaza San Francisco where they held a rally with
speeches and music.