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Video: Occupy PDX Grandmoter Nan and others in weekly documentrary from PRESS TV

This is local PDX footage shared w/ Press TV (out of Iran)

It is footage of Grandmother Occupier Nan Wigmore speaking about Occupy(ing)
and footage from recent Casserole / Dance Party gatherings in Pioneer Square in solidarity with the Student Loan crisis and Canada tuition hike protests. More footage from around the US is also included examples: [Solidarity Rally for Healthcare Justice hunger strikers, Occupy Catholics General Assembly on Freedoms, Solidarity Event: Foreclosure of Minnesota Cruz family home]
The title of this video is:
"Night of the Living Debt Zombie Casserole march-OWS Week-06-27-2012"

[Video 25 minutes]

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This episode of the show covers a solidarity anti-foreclosures action for Cruz family Minnesota.
OWS Week also covers the Occupy Catholics General Assembly with the US Catholic bishops calling for a "Fortnight for Freedom" open-air general assembly and Night of the Living Debt: a rally by protesters dressed up as zombies for the fourth weekly Casseroles event in NYC.
Last but not least, a Solidarity Rally for Healthcare Justice hunger strikers who are demanding medical treatment for their community.

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There is also coverage from across the US that is related to Occupy Wall Street

The program airs weekly [Thursday's] on PRESS TV and can be found here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com