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Free person expressing some valuable ideas to a public

Free person expressing ideas to public, as well as to the professionals (who confuse their [social] authority for truth), but both the public and the professionals are trapped within propaganda.
Free person expressing some valuable ideas to a public, but it is a public which is composed of propagandized zombies (the public is trapped in a box of what they believe to be the human extent of high-value, but it is meaningless propaganda. Because the public believes all of propaganda's ridiculousness this means that "of course" the authorities and experts are going to destroy the world for their selfish purposes, the gullibility of both the public and the professional authorities makes all people easy marks to be "conned" [or tricked]).
The use of narrow, overly authoritative, inconsistent, and "descriptive languages which are irrelevant to further technical development" representations of science and math is a key ingredient to the strategy of propaganda. It defines both high-value and authority, to which the public is taught to be faithful, in a manner quite similar to how the Puritans were faithful to their highly judgmental arrogant church leaders.
Science and math have the simplest of language structures: quantities, shapes, and measuring, ie functions, and thus should be best suited for important discussions at the level of: assumption, interpretation, context, and containment which are the elementary aspects of precise language structures so that the measurable descriptions should be clearly linked to practical creative development possibilities (if they are not, then it is "not good science," whereas "good science" would try to adjust the descriptive language at an elementary level as Copernicus tried to adjust the descriptions of the planetary motions, because the formal abstractions of math structures lead to (useless and irrelevant) descriptions of illusionary worlds).

Though this article is primarily (though briefly) about math and physics it describes a higher-dimensional context within which life exists, and thus it also defines a higher-dimensional context within which (human) life can create, ie human creativity might be "most naturally" about human actions which take place in higher-dimensions, ie not creating in the material world, the material world is primarily about surviving, which should be easy on the abundant earth but selfish interests have come to control the capacity for extreme state violence, and this extreme violence is being directed against the public, because they are both so gullible and so easily motivated to oppose each other (because of a central feature of the propaganda system, ie the language of propaganda is built upon the dialectic of Hegelian opposites).

Why should anyone believe what I say?
Well, the public is gullible enough to believe the experts and such a belief in these experts has not gotten the public anything of any value (to the public).., oil and carbon fuels are destroying the earth... , nuclear energy is mostly about nuclear weapons... , but also using nuclear energy as a "power source" will eventually (perhaps quickly) result in the earth being destroyed in an even more significant fashion than will the burning of oil and coal (etc) will destroy the earth.
It should be noted that all the high-tech stuff (of our civilization) is a result of development which comes from 19th century science, with the one exception, the laser (and a few experimentally identified properties eg discreteness, tunneling, spin, etc). That is, by coupling classical systems to "quantum properties" the quantum properties can be used effectively within the classical system, but this has nothing to do with the descriptions of quantum physics, because quantum descriptions have no value in regard to practical creative developments, and this is because they are probabilistic descriptions, but they deal with systems which have relatively few particles (so measured values are not averaged over large reservoirs of components, and thus these properties are not useable in the context of measuring), and this means that it is a description which does not allow for the control of the systems that it describes. Yet, these (quantum) systems are stable, definitive, and discrete (remember, atoms are easily distinguishable based on their stable, definitive spectra), and this implies these are systems are formed in a context of "nearly absolute control," ie the descriptive language of quantum physics needs to be changed.

In regard to indefinable randomness and non-linearity, the basic math ideas upon which the ineffective descriptive languages of quantum physics, particle physics, and general relativity are based (see end of paper for definitions of indefinable randomness and non-linearity), one cannot corral or re-adjust (or re-organize) a function space and its "basis elements" (ie spectral functions) by using various sets of operators so as to try to fit-data with spectral sets defined on function spaces, rather one must bound (or contain) a descriptive context by sets of stable shapes (which also can be used to model stable spectra) in relation to the many different dimensions of a descriptive context.
Both classical models of local linear measuring as well as oscillations might both be defined within such a bounded context of set containment. In the new descriptive structure the classical model of measuring is maintained but it is placed in a bounding geometry which is more restrictive than is classical geometry, and oscillations may also be defined in the space between the bounding discrete stable geometries, which characterize the new context of a "system containing" set, but these oscillations provide little information which would be useful.
An imperfect example of this is that the spectral properties of electromagnetic systems can be described and used at a fairly precise level of description because the (what might be a spectral) system is bounded by a stable classical geometry (or by stable measurable properties).
That is, it is from a bounding and existing sets of stable geometric patterns (shapes which are also: linear, metric-invariant, geometrically separable) that one can define the base-space of a particular dimensional level as a containing space for material which can also be associated to a shape of a particular dimension, and it is a containing space which also has a fiber group which is also geometric (a classical Lie group), so that within this containment space of "stable geometric patterns" a set of operators...
[associated to local linear measured properties of functions defined in regard to the base spaces linear geometric measures, and related to the geometry of the fiber group, ie mostly classical types of differential equations and not so much operators defined on function spaces]
... can be defined and used for identifying the measurable properties of a physical system, wherein global geometry affects local motions as well as local spatial displacements.
(Note: Spectra as well as material components have geometric models defined on the bounding stable shapes of the containment set.)
These measurable properties (which are described in a geometric context, and thus would be of great practical use) are also dependent on the "signature type" in regard to the metric-functions of the metric-spaces within which certain measurable properties are defined.
That is, certain geometric patterns are primary, while differential equations (and to a lesser extent oscillations) must conform to these certain sets of (or certain types of) geometric patterns, which bound and contain the description.
However, these geometric properties (of geometric patterns) change (slightly) as one changes between different dimensional levels, but the basic geometric context remains the same, namely, it is based on stable discrete Euclidean and hyperbolic shapes in each dimensional level, so that these stable geometric shapes guide "how to represent the physical law" which describes (what should be practically useful) measurable properties in a geometric context.
However, quantum randomness is also accounted for within this math structure, but quantum randomness is relatively unimportant, and as should be abundantly clear, except that the propaganda system is actively involved in confusing the science and protecting a narrow authority, this quantum randomness cannot be used to develop new technical ideas (ie technical development is still mostly based on 19th century physics).

The new laws of physics

The laws of physics are based identifying measurable properties (in regard to local linear geometric measures which relate measured-values to domain-values), defined within and on sets of stable geometries for the various dimensional levels of containment. These stable geometries, "for each of the different dimensional levels," bound and contain a measurable descriptive structure for that dimensional level.
That is, there are sets, defined by "containment within stable geometric shapes," within which measurable physical descriptions are contained.
The laws of physics (local linear measuring of geometrically based properties) must conform to these stable geometric constraints.
Material interactions are described within a (geometrically separable) geometric framework, about which math structures, such as local linear measuring, are defined in order to describe the material interactions.

The reason that stable geometry is central to formulating physical description is because this allows for:
1. the observed stable systems to exist (there are not now any valid descriptions of general [many-particle] quantum systems), and
2. to be describable in a consistent descriptive structure, as well as
3. allowing for stable patterns of math, such as the existence of a stable unit of measuring, so that
4. the measurable patterns are (or the description is) reliable and (practically) useable, and
5. the description is based on geometry so it is a useable description.

The force of propaganda (which serves narrow business interests, where truth serves the productive interests of the monopolistic businesses)

This level of discussion (at the level of assumption and interpretation, as well as criticism [or critical analysis]) is not allowed in professional (peer-reviewed) journals, where one must conform to an authoritative fixed intellectual-language structure... ,
(in order to be identified as being a professional, in their own competitive context, and so as to be a professional who works to serve the narrow monopolistic business interests)
... , which is being framed within our civilization's propaganda system as a set of precise expressions which are advancing towards absolute truths (or advancing toward "more completely expressed" absolute truths), but it is an absolute truth about an illusionary world, where measuring consistently is not required, and agreement with observed patterns within the world of our experience is also not required,
(that is, the stable properties of the many "general multiple-component quantum systems" cannot be described [to a sufficient level of precision] within the current structures of professional math-science dogmas, ie cannot be described using the currently accepted laws of physics).
The primary math patterns of their overly general, and overly (fixed and) authoritative organization of math descriptions are:
1. indefinable randomness and
2. non-linearity, which
3. are contained in sets which are far "too big"
so that logical consistency, and quantitative consistency, are also not required for their descriptive patterns.
The authorities have agreed to absurdities in their rigorous development of the language of math. Thus, these math patterns fail to be useful in regard to further technical development.

Faith that our culture already possesses absolute knowledge

Responding to the idea (belief, by the public [who hear only the propaganda system]) that particle-physics (or string-theory) describes all known physical phenomenon, and that one must have faith-in the extremely complicated and abstract scientific language of the authorities, whose science is based on materialism...
(though the structure of particle-physics is higher-dimensional, and thus is opposed to the idea of materialism, but it is used in the context of "collisions of material particles," ie it is used in the context of materialism, and it is used primarily for nuclear-bomb engineering),
... , and that these absolutes, which motivate and define the authorities, will eventually be used to describe everything, such as life, which has not already been described by particle-physics (or string-theory) to a sufficient level of rigor and absolute-ness.

This belief in the authorities is an expression of faith in:
(1) materialism, and
(2) the social hierarchy of value which is driven by the propaganda system whose main messages are:
1. "people are not equal" and
2. "there is great danger "out-there," about which a person must be fearful, and subsequently, people (the public) must trust the authorities to protect them in regard to both physical threats and intellectual misrepresentations."
That is, do not trust those ideas which are in opposition to the authorities (always be assured by the authorities about "what is true"),
but nonetheless, there must exist a division between
1. a belief in a (so-called real) material world and
2. a belief in a (so-called fanciful) spiritual world.
3. (one must do what one can) to helping the oligarchy, which defines both high-value and truth for all of society.

A division (opposing beliefs) within society, is based on the structure of language, and these opposing divisions within the public are desired by society's ruling powers because polar opposites frame the message of the propaganda system very well (the Hegelian dialectic of opposites), and such opposites, eg science and religion, allow the propaganda system to be built around the arbitrary absolutes of religion, using arbitrary "religiously based 'absolute judgments,'" as a way of communicating, so that communicating in the context of absolutes is much more effective in regard to controlling the public, than would communicating in a context of rational persuasion, so as to lead a well informed public by reason, instead it is easier "if the public is led to believe in absolutes," and to believe in a language structure of "un-resolvable absolute opposites," instead of believing in equal free-inquiry so that knowledge is related to practical creativity. This is why science is placed into an authoritative dogmatic absolute language structure, a language structure about which educational competitions can be defined, so as to make science and math more exclusive.
Thus, it is a mistake to base a personal action on an absolute-scientific-truth, but rather one should try to explain the science, because the propaganda system is organized around its claim that "whatever is said on the media (propaganda system) is an absolute truth."

If there is a hint that there is a set of (arbitrary) moral absolutes then this gives credence to the idea that these moral absolutes must be enforced, in support of one small group (the owners of society) and in opposition to another group, where the opposing group within society is the public (who are, essentially, labeled by the media as being immoral, in a manner similar to a right-wing preacher scolding a common sinner [we have all sinned (or we are all inferior), except for the authorities]).
For example, one must accept the laws and traditions upon which monopolistic markets are built and controlled by a few (owners of society, the virtuous few) or one is considered to be immoral (the common sinner).

This is the pattern of western rule (by the few) the rulers (the owners of society) insist on the language of the social structure to be based on absolute principles so that the public is divided between pairs of absolute opposites, so that the society is in opposition with itself, while the rulers support both sides of the opposing groups (similar to how the US still uses the extreme terrorist groups it began, but has subsequently labeled these groups as being terrorist criminals). This is essentially the pattern by which the vast majority of the world population is being manipulated, so that extreme violence is used (by the oligarchs, ie funding both sides of opposing factions) to oppose any fundamental changes in viewpoint which would disrupt their monopolistic control. This can be seen as the motivation for the extremely violent suppression of the "occupy movement" in order to protect the (virtue) of the propaganda system. The occupy movement was simply a moral statement in opposition to the 1%, which expressed an interest in equality, but it was not an expression of a strong personality in direct opposition to the 1%.
That is, (nearly) all the ideas which are allowed to be discussed on the media (to the populations of the world) always appears to be ideas which are in opposition to each other (and they are, but only under the artificial language structures of propaganda [which is controlled by the owners of society]).

Thus, "rule by (means of) propaganda" is ultimately is about
"who the small set of oligarchs is to be," in regard to control of the society.

That is, all the western institutional ... ism's, and western religions (such as Islam and Christianity, or capitalism and communism etc) are about rule of society by oligarchies (rule by the few). The only question of importance to the oligarchs is "Who will be those few oligarchs?" While the public swirls around in a culture of opposing groups, each group adhering to their absolute truths.

This means that there is a social structure (or organization) to "social control" which depends on the idea of arbitrary "value," and coercive institutional structures which demand that the public accept these arbitrary-values,
eg social control through:
extreme violence,
control of language (ie propaganda and media control),
control of:
resources, and
control of knowledge, and subsequently
"how that knowledge is used to create," ie control of science and math, etc.

That is, these "socially engineered" structures-of-value, and their imposed limits in regard to what jobs (or what small business) a person can do, are organized within the propaganda system so as to support the few owners (or rulers) of society (ie to support the oligarchs).
Within this structure of social control there is the control of knowledge which is to be used in particular, limited creative (or productive) ways, which serve the few owners of society, eg corporations etc.
That is, the education system is a vocational system, modeled as a competition within an authoritarian structure of knowledge, through which the "top intellectual talent" is to be filtered into the corporate structure of (corporate) creativity and social control.
In particular, because of nuclear weapons, it happened within universities that: both physics departments and the math departments (which serve the physics community) were transformed into nuclear weapons and communications engineering departments, such that their knowledge is placed into a context of excluding the public (by means of authority based competitions within the education system, eg the myth of intelligence tests etc.) because of an unnecessary structure of complicated structures of knowledge, it is easy to hide the knowledge (of importance to the hierarchy, in order to maintain its control) from the public,
but providing such knowledge to the public is supposed to be the main purpose, the main focus, of an education system.
Only new businesses in the narrow context of either the (personal) computer (Microsoft) or the internet (search, and inter-personal interactions) are encouraged within the MBA and electronics engineering or computer programming departments of (usually) the exclusive Universities within the US, ie small businesses competing with monopolies is forbidden.

The way to fight this propaganda system is to:
1. "not fall for the fake-oppositions,"
Eg "materialism" and "the spirit" are not in opposition, rather there is a different structure to knowledge in which "the spirit" and "the material" are not in opposition, but rather define a system of subsets,
2. The public should form strong corporations which are democratic, (eg which develop thermal solar power, etc, ie compete with big-oil) or are cooperatives.
3. Go to the level of language where the "absolutes, which are used within the propaganda system, are formed as assumptions," and re-consider the structure of the language from the level of assumption and interpretation.

[This is the main message of this paper, and the paper is an example of equal and free-inquiry, which challenges today's (failing) authorities.]

Eg Part of the economic failure, the economic collapse of 9-16-08, is about MIT math PhD's doing rigorous math about risk which is wrong, ie their assumptions are invalid, ie their rigorous math is only related to a world of illusion, it is not properly related to the world of economic risks (it is based on indefinable randomness, a logically and quantitatively inconsistent idea). The economic collapse of the 21st century is about University math and physics PhD's doing "rigorous math" in regard to physical description which is wrong, and using an overly authoritative descriptive structure which is unrelated to practical technical development, and is more related to an illusionary world (as religion is about illusionary worlds). Absolute overly authoritative structures for knowledge always end-up becoming irrelevant.

The reason that the propaganda system is so "difficult to fight" is because there is only "one-voice," and one set of ideas which are allowed to be spoken, and the (apparent) alternatives, which are funded (eg alternative news etc), are (in fact) serving the propaganda system. (similar to how the US both uses the terrorists, it has invented, and at the same time calls them criminal terrorists)
The propaganda system has totally corrupted all forms of knowledge, (because whatever is said on the media is framed as being authoritative) and all the ways in which language is used within society, because it (the media, or the propaganda system) is used exclusively to support the oligarchy (where the oligarchic few determine both social "value" and authoritative "truth" within the society).
The propaganda system has come to be about consolidating the powerful social positions of monopolistic businesses, and now (recently) modeling that power within the context of "might makes right," which recently has become, the oligarchs social system. This is because their fixed authoritative knowledge has become irrelevant, in regard to practical technical development, and subsequently their highly controlled market structure (which they so carefully control) has failed (ie all technical development today (2012) is about developing the classical science of the 19th century) and now, as their markets collapse, their power has come to be arbitrary (the oligarchs do not possess superior knowledge), and their power has come to be simply about controlling the power of institutional violence.
But this has been the area upon which western culture has always been focused, and the control of social violence has been done in the context of absolute propaganda ever since the Holy-Roman-Empire of Constantine (350 AD).

Back to the new ideas

It should be pointed-out that, particle-physics does not describe anything except the patterns of elementary-particles for particle-collisions found in particle-accelerators, but it is supposed to describe the properties of the general nuclei.
If you know of a paper which uses the laws of particle-physics to describe the stable spectra of (say) the Fe-nuclei (56), please provide the reference.

Do not miss the point.

Though these new ideas are not in direct opposition to the ruling forces, since it is simply an expression of scientific truth (they are re-adjusted ideas, not necessarily in direct opposition), as Copernicus expressed a scientific idea which were not consistent with the science of his day (but Copernicus was re-framed as being in opposition to religion),... nonetheless, they are ideas which, if accepted (or even considered), would go to the heart of the propaganda system and destroy it, because it is a substantial example of important knowledge being developed by means of equal and free-inquiry, ie believing in one's own ability to use a precise language and challenging authority in a substantial manner.
They are ideas that support the idea that "people are equal," and that people need to "trust their own vision of truth, and its relation to creativity, and that people are equal creators."

If thieves and liars can destroy the US economic system based on fraud, which was the chief reason for the economic collapse on 9-16-08, then the propaganda system should be destroyed by using "free speech," wherein the fraudulent (overly authoritative) science which is trumpeted by the propaganda system, is re-adjusted and corrected.
[A scientific revolution similar to the scientific revolution of Copernicus. But now the religion which is being opposed is the (religion of the) fixed overly authoritative "science" of quantum physics, particle-physics, general relativity, and all the other derived theories such as string-theory etc, which are all ideas that are based on the idea of materialism.
It is a scientific revolution which is opposing "the authority" of the "designated authorities" ie those experts who are the only people who can express the society's absolute scientific truths.]

Note: Because people have been conditioned to hear a particular viewpoint, which is defined within the propaganda system (of a limited set of opposite ideas) when certain words are used,
then let me state:
The author believes that even a well expressed possibility of global warming (or any other threatening problem with the earth) should be taken seriously, so as to cause the economic structure to be changed, so as to not ever come close to "a change in earth's properties" wherein life has existed, so that these changes might be caused by "destructive and polluting productive activities of mankind's exploitative institutions."
Destroy the world so as to make a fortune for oneself, is not a valid model of production and development, but this has been the western viewpoint ever since the Holy-Roman-Empire. Perhaps one can analyze Marx as trying to adjust the western monopolistic capitalistic (or Empire centered) creed, "central planning for selfish gain."


In this is a "new" math-model of existence, which includes materialism as a subset, the math is consistent with all the (actually verified) observed properties upon which the currently accepted dogmas of physics are based, but it gives these observed properties both new contexts and new interpretations.
Yet, it extends the set containment structure up to higher-dimensions, where the higher-dimensions within this extension have the form of macroscopic-geometry, but in the new language (of the new ideas) these higher-dimensions have a naturally hidden structure, which is caused by the (newly provided) geometric structure of "material" interactions.
However, the description gives a map into those higher dimensions and it identifies the properties to look for, as well as providing a surprising high-dimension model of life.
That is, life is connected to the higher-dimensions where intentional actions can be placed into "the new map of the higher-dimensions of existence" wherein new (hidden higher-dimensional) material also exists (for example, the higher-dimensional material may be the size of the solar-system).
This new math context is a new structure within which life has an active creative relation to that existence, because the essence of life exists in the higher-dimensions, ie life is an odd-dimensional (in the hyperbolic dimensions of 3, 5, 7, 9) discrete hyperbolic shape; whose genus is an odd-number. The mind (or its memory) is the spectral properties contained on a maximal tori of an SU(11) Lie group.


This paper "is science," in the spirit of the scientific revolutions of Copernicus, which explore new ways to use math patterns (measurable patterns) to describe existence, so as to remain consistent with current observed scientific patterns (but placed within new interpretive models), eg as well as for those few physical models of material systems which actually provide practically useful information, but the new theory is based on new interpretations of the data, eg stable, definitive, and discrete properties which have been observed for quantum systems, and these properties require a stable, geometric math structure as the basis for their description... , as opposed to indefinable-randomness, with its close connection to non-linearity, as its basic assumption (ie the currently held assumptions of physical science).

The failings of current authoritative science and math, and its relation to religion

Having complete faith in materialism is an example of
"how the corporate propaganda system (which includes the education system) has so effectively turned the narrowly defined, authoritative science of nuclear weapons (based on the idea of materialism) into a religion (ie faith in high-intellectual-value),"
and this new religion is created in such a way so that the two religions (of faith in meaningless words vs faith in the authority of material based science) are in opposition.

However, an inability for material-based science to both
1. accurately describe the properties of (general) material systems at a precise enough level, and
2. To frame these descriptions in a way which applies to a wide range of general (quantum) systems
as well as
3. the language structure of current physical description being almost completely unrelated to practical technical development,
... , so that these three failings of the current scientific descriptions now imply that:
"faith in the authority of material based science"
is equal to
"faith in meaningless words,"
but now "faith in meaningless words," in regard to currently accepted authoritative science, is considered to be (believed to be) based on complicated abstractions about the material world.

That is, if science was not supportive of the idea of materialism then the main properties of (absolute) language, to be used in the propaganda system for social control, would no longer exist ie abstractions about the spirit would no longer be in opposition to the idea of a "material based science."

If you critically analyze the effectiveness of modern science in regard to technical development you should conclude that modern science is irrelevant to further technical development (see J Horgan, The End of Science, 1995. He re-iterated this belief in a Discovery interview in 2005 or 2006.),
[but the statement needs to be even stronger; modern science is unrelate-able to further technical development because its descriptions (its calculations based on its own laws) do not demonstrate sufficient consistency with the observed patterns for any general quantum system, and the careful descriptions do not provide an acceptable level of precision. That is, (based on science's own standards for validity) modern math and science (2012) is wrong].
This should be a sign to consider new ideas, new ways in which to use math patterns, organized into new descriptive languages.

Horgan is a journalist, who has taken a "step-back" to observe and assess what is being accomplished based on modern science, and when he did this, he has correctly assessed that black-holes, big-bangs, dark energy, and elementary-particles etc, are irrelevant to further technical development.

The statement of this paper is stronger, "physics is unrelated-able to further technical development because it is fundamentally wrong, and logically inconsistent." That is, this paper is challenging the authority of those "socially unchallengeable intellects," who espouse a claim "that they possess an 'absolute truth' (or are progressing toward realizing an absolute scientific truth) based on both materialism, and their inconsistent models of abstract complicated-ness, eg based on non-linearity and indefinable randomness."

That is, this paper challenges the idea that... ,
"only the ideas of the "designated authorities" are to be expressed within all of society," or equivalently, only a propaganda system is to be allowed to have a (meaningful) voice.
... , because it can be seen in a simple, clear manner that the authorities are wrong, and their errors are all about how they use the patterns of indefinable randomness and non-linearity, which are quantitatively inconsistent and logically inconsistent, where these ideas are being used to try to describe measurable patterns of the world, but they are failing at trying to do this.

Instead math descriptions of measurable properties need to be based on stable math structures (linear, metric-invariant, geometrically separable, spaces, and spaces of non-positive constant curvature) placed in new contexts, such as a many-dimensional context in which these stable shapes are central to the descriptive structures, geometry are central to identifying the math formulas which describe "material" interactions and the stable properties of stable systems (within a containing space which is fundamentally about shape).

How to understand opposition to new ideas, (an opposition which is expressed by every person within society) in the context of science; this is the same model of Copernicus having to oppose the authority "of the faithful" (in his age), ie only the ideas of the "designated authorities" are to be expressed within all of society. But Copernicus only dealt with the authority of one institution (called religion, where scientific authority had been integrated into religious authority, in his day), while today material based science has also become a narrowly defined absolute truth, whose ideas cannot be questioned (by ordinary people) and for which (perhaps) one-half (or all) of the public have complete faith in its authority.
The propaganda system has taught the public to have faith in a fixed (material based) authoritative science, and the key to tricking the public into believing in this new religion, the worship of the authority, is to make the knowledge of high-value and exclusive.
That is, new ideas about science are placed into a context in which the new ideas are represented as being opposed to the authority of science, and this is because the propaganda system has successfully turned science into an "authoritative religion of materialism" which defines the "high-value" of "the authoritative truth about material properties" within society, and defines the high-value of a few gifted intellects, whose authority cannot be questioned. And science is framed as being in opposition to religion.

Note: Yet big-oil, the military, the justice system, and big-banking can dismiss this authoritative truth, eg they can dismiss the idea that "global warming as being caused by concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere," where this dismissal is based on selfish interest, and on how the political-justice-propaganda system protects these selfish interests of oil, military, and banking, (this should be called corruption, but it is called politics, and marketing).

That is, a main issue in regard to the "propaganda of science," is that the authority of science remains based on materialism.
This need to base "the meaning of science" on materialism and in opposition to religion, is done because the propaganda system is based on the high-value of authority, in a manner similar to how the Roman-Catholic-Empire was based on the high-value identified by the "authority of religious virtue," ie the arbitrariness of "absolute morality."
Thus, if science is based on materialism then the authority of religion, which defines the non-material spirit, can remain unchallenged.

However, the intellect can consider many different ideas, it is only in the context of wage-slavery where one must "be true to (or must "believe in") the authority of material based science," in order to get a job in the military-industrial-complex, where the military-industrial-complex happens to also include the education system, since education is about "memorizing authoritative ideas which are of interest to big-business," eg physics is now (2012) nuclear weapons engineering (thanks to J Oppenheimer and E Teller**, this transformation of physics took place in the 1940's and 1950's as the US became militarized under Truman and J McCarthy).

This paper is about a new mathematical model concerning new interpretations of the observed patterns of the physical world.
Mathematical models should imply measuring, verifying, and using measured properties for building and practical creativity (but in quantum physics, particle-physics, general relativity, and string-theory etc it means mathematical abstractness, with only a few correlations with cherry-picked data selections, but with very little (if any) relation to practical creativity). Note that particle-physics is being used in regard to nuclear weapons engineering, since probability of particle-collisions is related to rates of (nuclear) reactions.

These new ideas about math are about modeling a measurable existence which contains the idea of materialism as a subset, but it is not the subset which people expect.
People are taught to both memorize certain ideas, and remain true to traditions, where both of these actions serve a social hierarchy, so as to try to be creative in that narrow context, so as to serve the social hierarchy.

If the material and the "spiritual" are not separate and distinct ideas then one could say that the spiritual is about "being practically creative" within the context of "what really exists."
That is, religion would no longer be about arbitrary absolute laws about virtue, as defined by the oligarchs, which are used in the propaganda system in regard to protecting the selfish interests of the oligarchs, because statements about the spirit would have to become consistent with useful mathematical descriptions of existence. However, as in the case of Martin Luther, one would want all people to be taught to read the new "scared text," concerning the modeling of existence in regard to practical creativity (in higher-dimensions).

Our social condition (tries to trap) traps us so as to serve that social context, but the point of good education [which should be based on equal free-inquiry, which questions any authority which no longer functions in the context of practical creative development], is that we can invent new contexts within which further creativity is allowed.
This would especially be true if the new context is "correct" for a particular (new) creative processes (the point of science is to find a context which applies to a very wide range of creative processes).
The new descriptive structure is quite similar to classical physics ie it is practically useful, and it places quantum patterns into a (concrete) geometric context, yet it can also derive the property of quantum randomness.

This is sometimes interpreted to mean that "there is to be one-equation which unifies all material processes," but it is more likely that it is, a particularly simple geometric structure which provides the structure for a "containment set" within which stable (valid) math is (can be) defined, and within which material processes are assigned to independent dimensional levels (where the different dimensional levels have different structures, ie not one equation but rather a geometric principle used to determine the sets of equations for each dimensional level), where these dimensional levels also seem to be associated to "physical" systems which have a "characteristic size," where such a characteristic-size is brought about by the values of physical-constants eg the speed of light etc, which are defined between the different dimensional levels (as well as between different [independent] subspaces of the same dimension, ie in an 11-dimensional space there are [11 chose 3] = 15 x11 = 165 separate 3-dimensional subspaces).

The current "math and physics authorities" do not want new ideas interfering with their authority [in fact, because they see their authority as defining truth (an idea given to them by the propaganda system) there can be no other truth but theirs, they have faith in their religion (which is based on their own authority)]... ,
(they are personalities who seek dominance, but who are obedient to the interests of the owners of society, they are as scheming "as are" the politicians and judges)
... , or interfering with the processes by which authority is to be judged, ie an idea which is actually foreign to the "true science," [where "true science" is to be based on equal and free-inquiry, in turn, related to "a description's relation" to both its assumptions (and contexts) as well as to its practical creative developments, which, in fact, is the correct interpretation of Godel's incompleteness theorem, which also is a claim that the measurable descriptions of the patterns of both math and science are essentially trying to do the same thing].
The new authorities must be willing to express their beliefs at the level of assumption and interpretations, otherwise they get trapped in a realm of abstract meaninglessness, and their rigorous patterns end-up describing an illusionary world, with no practical value.

Monopolistic businesses do not want this type of competition (of new ideas) interfering with their process of vocational training, a process which enforces the idea that only a few people can be judged to be superior, and those people are the few who can earn large salaries with monopolistic businesses, they are of value to the business's ability to produce a particular product, ie business does not want wide-ranging creative possibilities, it prefers people who are narrowly focused.
That is, knowledge with narrow applicability, fits the propaganda system well, for a propaganda system whose main messages are that
1. "people are not equal"
2. "you need to be afraid, so that superior corporations can protect you, but you need to trust the monopolistic businesses."

If these authorities were anything other than dogmatists, and arrogantly oblivious to valid criticisms, and who serve a social hierarchy (which protects their arrogant ways), they would be responding to these new ideas.
What is being said is that "the authorities are wrong," "their errors (basing their descriptions on non-linearity and indefinable randomness) are explained," and "an alternative mathematical model is provided," which contains much their set-context (of both materialism, as well as some of their other math structures of non-linearity, and an explanation of indefinable randomness [the fundamental assumption of quantum physics]) as subsets (materialism and some of the other math structures are subsets of the new math structures).

The new math context is an attempt to place the descriptions of math patterns in a stable and consistent context, the fundamental math structures which do this are the (very stable) discrete hyperbolic shapes and discrete Euclidean shapes can also be used, thus one wants to consider the discrete shapes which can be derived from the classical Lie groups, where the discrete hyperbolic shapes are very stable.
Place these discrete shapes in a dimensional hierarchy, where each dimensional level is itself a discrete shape.
Given an open-closed, bounded discrete metric-space... ,
contained in a metric-space whose dimension is at least one-dimension higher than the dimension of the (original) given metric-space,
... , (it) is also the model of material.
Interactions are modeled by means of the relation that a 2-form of a Euclidean torus has to the geometry of the (Euclidean) fiber group, and follow the math patterns of discrete hyperbolic shapes which were uncovered by D Coxeter, where discrete hyperbolic shapes only exist up to 12-dimensional space-time. [Note: n-hyperbolic space is equivalent to (n+1)-space-time.]
This provides a natural dimensional cut-off.
Material is modeled as the open-closed, bounded (or unbounded) discrete hyperbolic shapes from (hyperbolic) dimension 1 to dimension 10, and which are also the model for metric-spaces which contain the material.
If a material interaction, eg a material collision, is within an energy range and the original spectra are "consistent" with a new system then a new system can form if the interacting structure begins to resonate with the spectra of the containing space, which has spectral properties since each dimensional level as well as all the subspaces are stable shapes which themselves possess spectral properties.

Their errors:

There is a change of context of the derivative and integral operations, when on-the-one-hand one relates a derivative to measurable properties defined on a domain space, where a causal relationship between geometrically measured properties is determined by equating two representations of equivalent measurable geometric properties which is used to define a differential equation for a physical system, which has measurable properties measured within the domain space,
And on the other hand one changes over to:
a context in which sets of operators (representing global measurable properties of a spectral system) are being related by a function space to measuring a system's spectra, where the spectral values of the system are attached to random (local) particle-events, which in turn, are randomly related to positions on the domain space.
A global ("linear") representation of a wave-function "by its expansion in a basis of spectral functions" is related by derivatives of the wave-function's wave-phase... ,
(which is formally allowed because the wave-length and the (time) period of the wave can be related to momentum and energy respectively)
... , to global physical properties of a spectral system, thus an artificial physical relation "of global values being related to local spectral identification" is identified between differential operators and global properties of the spectral system, and with a global ("linear") expansion of a wave-function in its spectral basis elements, where local spectral measuring (at spectral-particle locations in space) is supposed to justify such an artificial relation.
The [complete sets of commuting, Hermitian] differential operators act on (the phase aspect of) the global wave-function so as to identify, not local, linear, measurable properties, but rather, this set of operators identifies "global system properties" for a wave-function, whose spectral basis elements are only related to local random particle-events which have only one spectral value, whereas the spectral system has many spectral values associated to itself. The operators identify global properties of the quantum system only vaguely related to the spectral expansion of the system's wave-function (and) whose spectral values are always local.
This is (sort of) incoherent, all the relations that the operators have to global properties imply a global (or system-wide) spectral measurement value.
Although many of the equations of quantum physics are linear, the main casual relationship is not about local measures defined on functions, ie measurable values, rather it is about fitting spectral data of the system with the equation (or with a set of operators).
Systems with more than two particles cannot be represented in this way.
The (new) function space model for a spectral system's differential equation has no motivating structures needed to limit a system's spectral set, where the measurement of spectral values depend on local measurements, but the derivative is not related to a local structure of these spectral measurements.
Furthermore, the system either has no geometric relations or very limited geometric constraints defined on the domain space.
The math structure is incoherent, where the differential operators are unrelated to their math-structure as a (local) tangent to a function's graph.

Note: these spectral (function-space) methods work for the electromagnetism model where the wave is physical, and the physical structures which affect the wave are either geometric or are an intrinsic geometric (loop, or node) structure of the electric system, and the conservation laws are (may be) applicable, eg conservation of energy.

This math structure, of function spaces used to fit spectral data, changes the notion of linearity so as to no longer be about a function's relation to local linear measures (which relate function-values to domain values), and only vaguely relates the spectra to a linear operator, but the spectra do not identify a linear property on the function space but rather identify a spectral expansion.
Furthermore, there are no causes for measurable relations other than claiming that a system's global properties are being identified with a global wave-function's spectral values, but which in turn, are identified as isolated-event spectral-values, so it is difficult to see how the global properties affect the local measuring processes. All the information of such a system is claimed to be within the phase of the wave, yet the only spectral models which are vaguely related to observed properties have well defined geometries associated to themselves.
The only motivation is the motivation of data fitting to the observed spectral values of the observed system. That is, global system scalar values are vaguely associated to local, singular spectral values, which means that, the function space identifies globally measurable scalar properties (of a physical system) with isolated-event spectral-values from an array of spectral values (but this seems to be done simply by selecting the spectral values that are observed in the system and placing them into a function space expansion) there is no mechanism in this model by which to understand such a system's properties.
Why should vague global (measurable (?)) properties have any relation to individual spectra observed in a context of extreme locality? How is a definitive discrete spectral set to be identified by such a vague relation? Well, for general quantum systems such definitive spectral sets cannot be found form such vague relationships.
[thus the "linear property" is claimed to be global system properties, eg energy, being related by sets of linear operators to a global spectral expansion of the wave-function, if the spectra can ever be calculated (?)]

The function space model of measuring spectra only has a valid relation with geometric systems whose waves have physical manifestations, but it does not work for "indefinably random" systems (such as general quantum systems with more than two-components composing the system), nor does it work for "quantitatively inconsistent" (or non-linear) math models of physical systems.

If a non-linear equation is defined based on a classical geometrically-measurable basis then the descriptive structure is slightly relatable to the critical points of the (non-linear) differential equation, and to its subsequent limit cycles, since this is a (consistent) model of physical measuring, thus the system is vaguely related to some stable (measurable) properties, eg limit cycles.


Note: "Indefinable randomness" is based on elementary-event spaces whose elementary events are:
(1) not stable,
(2) they are indefinite (the spectral of general quantum systems are not calculable),
(3) they are not conclusively defined (the elementary event space is an infinite set), and
(4) further elementary events keep getting added to the elementary event space, eg the dark-matter particle, ie counting events is not logically consistent in such a (set) context. Thus, the probabilities for such spaces cannot be valid, ie it is a description of nothing except the randomness that is observed between the stable geometric shapes of metric-spaces, which is called quantum randomness, but this (indefinable) randomness is not being placed in a quantitative structure in a consistent manner.

Whereas randomness need to be described in a context of:
1. Finite elementary-event spaces
2. The elementary-events are stable
3. The elementary -events are well defined and easily distinguishable.

A non-linear differential equation does not identify a linear measuring relation to exist between the function values and its domain values, and thus the model for measuring is quantitatively inconsistent, and results in chaotic types of changes, ie its motions identify indefinable randomness.

The American Revolutionary War was fought to institute the idea of equality being the basis for a civilization's law, and freedom to believe, to try to discern truth, and subsequently to use knowledge to create. It emerged from Philadelphia to express Quaker egalitarianism.
But it got off its tracks, and became an extension of the western idea of a Holy-Roman-Empire, (or Puritan Empire) where the constitution re-instituted law based on property rights and minority rule, and the cult of violent selfishness.
The US needs a new constitutional congress to re-institute law based on equality.