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With Single Payer Health Insurance You Will Never Have To Pay A Bill

With private health insurance your costs and expenses will always go up but with single payer health insurance you will save money.
We really need to have single payer health insurance in this country as soon as possible. The trouble is that the republicans in congress want to protect the private health insurance companies. On the other hand the democrats in congress support and will vote for single payer health insurance. The wonderful group ( Single Payer Action ) needs your support. This organization ( Single Payer Action ) wants to have a government run single payer health insurance with no co-pays, deductilbles or bills. When your visit their internet site you will discover that they have lots of stories about single payer health insurance. Other good things about single payer health insurance are that there are no denials of claims or treatments because of pre-existing condtions. Also no matter how sick you get your coverage will never be rescinded. That is your health insurance will never be rescinded. There are also no yearly or lifetime caps on your benefits. Here is the mailing address of "Single Payer Action" if you wish to contact them by mail.
Single Payer Action
P.O. Box 18384
Washington D.C. 20036