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VIDEO: Occupy Portland Participates In "Global Collaboration Flash Mob" Event 6.20.12

Occupy Portland planned a global solidarity event in Pioneer Square with a live broadcast of the reading of "The Symbiosis Project" message and a decentralized flash mob dance party.

StreetNews Report:

Yesterday Occupy Portland held an event in global solidarity with "The Symbiosis Project", a message of world reform collaborated on by the peoples movement. This message was transcribed onto paper for everyone to read before the flash mob and dance party. A local radio station broadcasted the reading live with music to follow, and everyone was dancing in unison in Pioneer Square on the very first day of summer in Portland!

A representative who was organizing agreed to a media interview and told us that the event was part of a bigger mission to bring people in the movement together. He pointed out that this event is making a "statement of interdependence" to the world, and giving people an opportunity to create ways of working in soldarity across the world. There was also a suggestion of future Occupy events to take place not just on celebrative dates but on special (if not cosmic) occurances such as days like summer/winter solstice. Over 100 people showed out for this event with great energy. Nothing like the people coming together with common goals for a better life.

Video Link:

Occupy Portland Global Collaboration Flash Mob

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