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A Fiefdom of Street Newspapers

hold elections from time to time with regard to these two newspaper barons. Certainly, putting new blood in these non profits couldn't disrupt some vast eternal plan.
I have their phone numbers if you would like to call them and ask them just what gives that they
are the CEO's over there,and what are the big advantages of their power positions.
Timothy Harris can be reached at 206-441-3247
and Israel Bayer can be contacted locally at 503-228-5657.
It seems to me,and I am just one voice blowing in the breeze,that there is alot of peripheral profits being made by these two "defenders of the voiceless" to disseminate the right kind of news dare I say, in a direction steered away from very pressing injustices with regard to more local issues right here at home.
I understand a newpaper for profit like the Mclatchy newpaper conglomerate or even Rupert Murdoch's empire, and how they have privy to captain their ships. But, street newspapers are supposed to provide news from a different vantage point.
I find it difficult to believe that new blood being elected from time to time for both Real Change in Seattle head by Founding Director Timothy Harris,and Street Roots headed by Israel Bayer benefits the people who they were set up to serve by giving them a lifetime lease to be the heads of these news organizations for the rest of their lives. It can only lead to nepotism,
and since, we are talking about nonprofits,I wonder why there aren't elections held periodically to change leadership.
I approached Mr. Harris once with this conundrum,and he basically gave me the brush. Like I was crazy to even ask that question. This made me even more suspicious of the true agenda as well as the hidden perks of reporting only the news that "is fit to print." They get donations. I feel it is important to know with whom you are dealing.
I don't feel comfortable with this Fidel Castro President for life set up that these two men have at their papers.
We elect our political leaders for two, four or six years and then they run again or move on. But, this seems salty. I feel it may be time to look at the books of these two beacons of hope for the down and outers who may be getting beads and blankets in exchange for gold and platinum that these two entrepeneurs are privy to. If you want, you can contact Timothy Harris at Real Change at 206-441-3247
Israel Bayer's number is 503-228-5657
The age of dictator for life ended with Khaddafi and Mubarek. Maybe we need to start dethroning our
media moguls here at home...
If we ask for better local news
reportage, chances are we might get it.