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Loneliness and Disillusionment in The Land of Plastic-HAPPY 4TH

POEM DEDICATED TO RICHIE HAVENS, and Jesse Ventura where ever you are...
Loneliness and Disillusionment in The Land of Plastic

(This is my reaction to the tome (tomb) of 20ith Century "American Poetry"

Nicole's Aunt Marie, from New York City

Invited herself for her Birthderri

for the 4th of July to Nicole's home in C.I. (NY)

under Blackwater theatened foreclosure by BAC .

Will Aunt Marie bring her enormous friend and friend's offspring again

For fun and laughs in the summer sun?

I'll Pass

You can have her up you ass.

Nicole's husband Jay and I agree tis Far better to celebrate the Famous day under Nature's canopy.

Pack the sea doo kayack, Waverunner and Old Rv,
Drive to a Public Park with fields, Bays and trees.

Relish the 4ths hot dogs, chicken and burgers, cooking them on a family stone rimmed made campfire.

Delight in the cold night with the cracking, cozy campfiree,
popping and spitting as the cracked embers spire...

Each ohers faces only do we see,

as our eyes look heavenly.

Stars bright and winking lights give awe to that fight

that came after the First Fourth of July Night.

Little ones nod and fall asleep

We pray to God our SOULS to keep...

while older ones talk of gals, guys, and creeps.

Far better than the packed

Gutterment's Chineese Fireworks


pops, sprays, Booms and jerks.

In this Land All raced MOOCHERS are fed

by Far too many of the world's and ours, Wounded and Dead.

Wars instigated and perpeutated

by the Groomed and Groovey Unbled leaders, who talk the talk But steal our bread.

Will Aunt Marie this Fall

Fly off to Germany


or to sunny Florida, do Disney or Atlantis

as she did last yeaR?