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Cascadians needed at Secretive 1% Gathering in Idaho (Bring your tent)

The Allen and Company Conference will bring together media moguls, politicians, and other elites for a week of recreation and deal-making in a small mountain town, unless someone shuts it down.
Every July, media moguls, politicians, and assorted 1%ers get together in scenic Sun Valley, ID for the secretive Allen and Company Conference. This year, they won't be alone.

Let's not miss this opportunity to network with activists and rebels from near and far, roast some marshmallows on a campfire, and remind the 1% that their era of global exploitation is coming to a close.

Secret sources indicate that the Allen and Company conference will be from July 10-14th (Tues-Sat). Affinity groups will begin arriving in Sun Valley on Saturday, July 7th to finalize some action plans and set up for the week of activity and action.

More details such as events, camping spaces, meeting areas, etc. will become posted in due time. Just plan on getting there. Feel free to plan your own events or join in on events planned by other affinity groups.

Some of the names on this year's guest list are starting to leak out.


Here's some coverage from last year: Murdoch, Buffet, Zuckerburg, etc...


 link to www.sfgate.com