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Evidence of the fundamental corruption of the USA

Witness reports that the fbi does not want the public to see: evidence of pervasive & murderous corruption of the government of the United States of America.
fbi to Target:
fbi to Target:
Shocking Insider Trades of the Millenium by entrusted public servants: Congress & fbi:



Get to know the real federal burro of investigation (fbi) in my reports and drawings, and weep for your country:



The fbi national academy trains police as assassins & creates serial killers.

Must prosecute the fbi/cia's own serial killers and murderers:


See the evidence that the 'fbi's organized crime task force' (and their associates within the fbi itself) are the new organized crime syndicate & pose the greatest threat to the United States of America in this century.


fbi's own criminals to target: we intend to...

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usa global posture:

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fbi as mafia:




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