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A stupid question
What contstitutes journalistic integrity. What constitutes neo-fascist rhetoric. If someones hates a nationalist ideology to which crimes against humanity are beng enacted in its name by the more extremist adherents towards it, does it justify racist stereotypes that created the ideology to begin with. And where do we step in and say enough? If we allow for a website to become a haven for conspiracy theorists, arent we sacrificing truth. But then, in that case whats more important, truth or freedom. Can we have both. Are we being Autonomists in censorship, or hypocrites.

Indy medias failures are many. I dont have to go into all of them. But it also provides a vital, essential outlet. ( damn the kids redundancy). There needs to be some abstract communication between activist communities. There needs to be a place to give a heads up on police monitoring, neo fascist bullshit, a place for you to post vapid poems about the 90s and have somebody else called out for them. A place for the petty to mock you and your values, a place to be stalked, etc. Most of the bullshit, is well, the peoples fault. And the states. Actually probably the states. Proper access to medication would clear a lot of this up. Im not being facetious.

L.o.l. But seriously, some of you, kinda scary.

So is Indymedia a failure? Will these problems exist "after the revolution?"