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Confiscation of my musical instrument yesterday

While Playing music at 10th and Yamhill I was ticketed for noise,without a warning,and had my musical equipment confiscated by authorities.
Playing in Portland 11 years, without having escalated to this level of conflict. Seeking feedback, wise council. Looking for resolution. I don't know when or if I will get my property back. Any suggestions,or insights, contact me. Thank you.

More context 15.Jun.2012 09:56


What time was this incident?

more info 15.Jun.2012 14:32


when did this take place and did you get any info on the officer(s)?

Does it matter. 16.Jun.2012 02:10


Do any of you think legal action would change anything? You know you don't have fucking rights anymore. And when it comes to the PPB you never did. Sure they get sued every once in a while but even that does not seem to change much beyond, for the most part they don't use teargas at protests and when they shoot unarmed people they tend to be black or homeless. Face it, their job is to enslave and punish anyone whom breaks the peace and therefore causes our corporate masters to lose profits. Most of the police don't get that and why would they want to? A lot of them like to think of themselves as 'the good guys' rather than thugs for the one percent but in effect that is what they do. And even if you get one of the many assholes in our city's nonfunctional government to pay attention the PPA will shut them down.

Lyrics for busking with the PPD! 16.Jun.2012 03:25

Spike Jones

(Clarinets, banjo, etc.)

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Zen vee say: "Heil! (razz) Heil!! (pbbt!") --right in der Fueher's face
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When Herr Goebbels says "we own the world and space"
We heil, heil right in Herr Goebbels' face
When Herr Goring says they'll never bomb dis place
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Are we not the supermen? Aryan, pure supermen?
Ja we are the supermen! (super duper supermen!!)
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