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9.11 investigation | technology

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3

Listen to what the experts have to say ...

What other IMCs say 15.Jun.2012 01:09



If you want to waste your money filling some guys pockets to preach to you about a grand conspiracy sure. Otherwise go see the Avengers.
The image is funny tho  http://chicago.indymedia.org/sites/default/files/gage-911crap.jpg

Suspect the lecture isn't as entertaining.

Yeah, don't worry, it's not important 15.Jun.2012 12:25

Jody Paulson

that experts are telling you that the official story can't be true. It's not important that the government is lying to us. Don't think of the implications. It's been over 10 years already! True, we've spent billions of dollars and thousands of gallons of blood because of these lies, but get over it already.

See you in WWIII! :)

old predictions are old 15.Jun.2012 13:14


alex jones, tarpley, larouche and other conspiracy clowns have been "predicting" ww3 for how many years? 10? 20? it's no different from those wacked out cult churches saying the end of the world will happen on x date. it doesn't happen, but believers still believe.

it's a cult jody SNAP OUT OF IT!

WTC7 16.Jun.2012 03:56

wtc7 watcher


No matter how hard we try, there is no way to reconcile the official story with hard science. WTC7 was a 40-story building. Watch it detonate. Then look again at the other detonations. Yes, you can trust your own eyes.

It's very, very disloyal to accept the truth. Disloyalties have consequences.

 link to www.projectcensored.org

 link to www.projectcensored.org

funny people 16.Jun.2012 05:38


yeah, I liked the reference to LA IMC where the spooks who wrote this scree were trashed as the phonies they are.
Too late Too little. The tide of truth cannot be stopped. Treason will be dealt with.
9-11 was Treason.

@theBruce 18.Jun.2012 10:05

oh ffs

leave the paranoia behind. there are no "spooks". just people who can see this for the time waster that it is.
making veiled threats like "Treason will be dealt with." to people online cuz they don't agree with you marks you as a loon and a kook. fyi

The laws of physics don't lie 21.Jun.2012 09:12

Jody Paulson