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Cascadian Bioregional Congress

Cascadian awakening
So the Cascadia Camp during the Cascadian Rainbow Solstice Celebration will be (hopefully) having a Cascadian Bioregional Congress. I was waiting for the location to announce this and waiting to find out the number of people to do this. We are hoping self identified Cascadians from all over the bioregion can join in this congress. It will be during the weekend of the Cascadian Rainbow gathering (Saturday & Sunday .. the 16th & 17th of June) in or near the camp that Cascadians are currently setting up in the Willamette State Park.

This is also an invitation that all Cascadian events with large numbers of "awakened" Cascadians have a Cascadian Bioregional Congress. So since Earth First! Cascadian (Bio) Regional Rendezvous (June 20th to 25th) near Mount Hood is the week after this Cascadian Bioregional Congress then we STRONGLY encourage that those hosting the Rendezvous also host the second Cascadian Bioregional Congress during their week of activities. We also encourage those hosting the march to the Peace Arch in Blaine in early July also host the third Cascadian Bioregional Congress. Lets make the bioregion have many many Bioregional Congresses to awaken Cascadians about the issues of this beloved and beautiful bioregion.

DIRECTIONS to the Cascadian Rainbow Solstice Celebration and hence to the Cascadian camp within it:

From Portland: go South on I-5 to Salem, go East on Hwy 22 for 79 miles and look for a road sign on your right that reads: Old Cascades Crest Trails and Lava Lake Meadow Road, and turn right. Go 2 miles to parking area. From Eugene: go East on Hwy 126 to Hwy 20. Turn right and go 3 miles to Hwy 22 and turn left. Go 4 miles to a road on your left that reads: Old Cascades Crest Trails and Lava Lake Meadow Road, and turn left. Go 2 miles to parking area.

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