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3rd request to City Council

Keep the pressure on the City Council for human compassion

Third Request For Human Contact Tuesday, June 12, 2012

**"These are the times that try men's souls," a quote from my favorite founding father, Thomas Paine.

This action by Cameron Whitten is becoming echoes of whispers of long ago conversations in a small tavern where dreams were shared and revolution feared. You can almost hear Paine lecturing those who would listen about dignity, equality and hope for the future. If you look close you may see Adams rolling his eyes and thinking, "Does Tom ever stop and think that he may get all of us arrested by talking about over-throwing the British, I wish him to be more careful, less violent."

Cameron is not careful, he speaks the truth to anyone who will listen, he is a fighter, just like Thomas Paine, he does not like smooth politicians like Adams, or Jefferson.

Mr. Whitten has only three demands, and he tells people who pass him that they are simple demands for the beginning of a new era of compassion for the everyday people among us. He does not want to over tax the people in power, he does not want to confuse the political system, so only 3 demands are shouted from the curb, or said softly at night when the rain comes:

1. "For City Commissioner *dan saltzman, withdraw the fines [...]
2. " For City Council to propose a housing levy measure [...]
3. "For Sheriff Daniel Staton to issue a 1 year moratorium [...]
not going anywhere
not going anywhere
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