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3rd request to City Council

Keep the pressure on the City Council for human compassion
not going anywhere
not going anywhere
Third Request For Human Contact Tuesday, June 12, 2012

**"These are the times that try men's souls," a quote from my favorite founding father, Thomas Paine.

This action by Cameron Whitten is becoming echoes of whispers of long ago conversations in a small tavern where dreams were shared and revolution feared. You can almost hear Paine lecturing those who would listen about dignity, equality and hope for the future. If you look close you may see Adams rolling his eyes and thinking, "Does Tom ever stop and think that he may get all of us arrested by talking about over-throwing the British, I wish him to be more careful, less violent."

Cameron is not careful, he speaks the truth to anyone who will listen, he is a fighter, just like Thomas Paine, he does not like smooth politicians like Adams, or Jefferson.

Mr. Whitten has only three demands, and he tells people who pass him that they are simple demands for the beginning of a new era of compassion for the everyday people among us. He does not want to over tax the people in power, he does not want to confuse the political system, so only 3 demands are shouted from the curb, or said softly at night when the rain comes:

1. "For City Commissioner *dan saltzman, withdraw the fines on co-owners of the Right 2 Dream Too Rest Area, and seek a peaceful resolution for this cost-free solution to homelessness for the remainder of the lease agreement."

commissioner saltzman has not even stopped to talk to Cameron, even though they are only a few hundred feet apart every day of the week. There is a solution here and saltzman should get off his ass and spend sometime with Cameron. dan, you may learn something or be reminded of what it is to be human; feel something. I always get the feeling dan has long since forgotten what it is to be human and work for the betterment of others. I may be wrong and would love to be proven wrong by you dan, just go and talk to a man who is now on his 11th day of a hunger strike. Jefferson Smith had the good sense to stop yesterday and talk to Cameron, and he may be our next mayor.

2. " For City Council to propose a housing levy measure to the November 2012 General Election ballot."

Well, this one is just too much, Cameron wants the city reps to ask the people of Portland what they wish to do. That is truly revolutionary and should only be whispered in dark hallways and not out in public. My god just think what would happen if our city council actually spent some time asking us what we want to do, we could end up with a republic--Jesus H. Christ!

3. "For Sheriff Daniel Staton to issue a 1 year moratorium on evictions for bank foreclosures in Multnomah County."

My my, this could be done so easily, just stop throwing people out of their homes. There is vast amount of evidence that fraud was committed by the banks when it comes to mortgages. There are other municipalities that have taken this very action. A little research by your city employees will show you the way sam, please get on it. This would make your legacy. "It would be a good thing."

Yesterday there were many of us who stopped to say hello to Cameron, for me it is a trip of about 1 hour each way to go from my home to city hall. I have to pack up my oxygen and use a cane to make the trip, not an easy adventure for me, but one of importance. What I am asking all five of you is that you take a few minutes and talk to a noble man outside your office. I guarantee you it will be fun.

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again." Tomas Paine


homepage: homepage: http://individualsforjustice.com

Thanks, Joe 12.Jun.2012 12:52

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

I love your passion & your truth, Joe. Blessings to you.

Yeah both you. 12.Jun.2012 15:09

Not that Anon

Thank you. Yeah I think the Adams administration would watch Cameron die of starvation on the steps of city hall before they acknowledge the homeless problem beyond using the cops to make homeless people's lives suck even more but it's the thought that counts. Anyways Thanks Cameron. Also what's with Sam Adams new haircut? Looks like he just got out of boot camp. I thought he was going for that fake progressive image, what happened?

Fourth Request to the gang of Five 13.Jun.2012 07:49

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

On our way home from an Oregon Progressive Party meeting Roberto and I stopped to say hello to Cameron at City Hall and he gave us a quick update on who is acting as a human being. Commissioner Amanda Fritz did take some time to talk and that is very good news. The only hunger strike I have been on is missing breakfast from time to time and I am not a nice person to be around if I have not had my morning coffee and some type of donut. I cannot imagine being without a solid meal in 12 days, (where Cameron is at.) So I will do something here that I don't do often enough and say Thank You Commissioner Fritz, and I will wear your campaign button which is sitting on my desk at home. You all know I don't like Mary Know it all Nolan and will support Amanda if she keeps up being a human being.

To the rest of you: Leonard, Adams, Saltzman and the Fish I am disappointed in your lack of compassion. Not surprised but disappointed. I will see you all in a few hours as I sit in front of you with my shirt that says, "Resign Sam" and on the back "Today."

7348 SE Division St
we need some help
we need some help
not yet but soon
not yet but soon

A comment from Cameron on my FB page 13.Jun.2012 15:27

joe anybody


[Cameron Whitten] Thanks Joe. I'd also like to mention that Jeff hasn't actually come talk to me yet.

Camron Wittman Portland Hero 14.Jun.2012 08:37

fly on the wall

Cheers to Camron for being a very brave, tenacious, compassionate, human being--we need more people like him around--so please city council STOP by and say hello to Camron-- Do not let him die on the steps of City Hall because no one on Council except Amanda--that has the political integrity to face this young man and be open to discussion of his demands. There is NO need for Camron to die when these issue can easily be put into place-- thank you Camron and Joe for being citizens of Portland --you both make me proud to be a human-- with much love and respect and food and housing for all.

Resign Sam 14.Jun.2012 09:14

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

I will go to the meet-up with Jefferson Smith today and ask him to go and talk to you Cameron. He was present at the gathering on Monday and I thought he had spoken to you. I also asked the fishman to stop by, he looked so taken aback by my request that I don't think he will do it. We should and may have to start a petition to ask the question, "Should council members stop and talk to Cameron, who is on a hunger strike outside of their place of work?" I also sent Amanda a thank you, something I hate doing with politicians---but what the hell, she did stop to talk to you and should be acknowledged for that act. The rest of the bunch of would be reps are hoping this all goes away, not going to happen, people are gathering. Stay strong and if you need anything just post it and if we can we will get it for you. The world will be watching and hoping for your success, stay safe my brother and friend.

good protest sign
good protest sign
a noble soul
a noble soul
the Grandmothers would be proud of Cameron
the Grandmothers would be proud of Cameron

Fifth Request And Getting A Little Pissed 15.Jun.2012 21:12

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

(sent to the remaining 4 who are struggling to become human.)

Mayor adams
Comm. leonard, Saltzman and the fish

You know I been around the block a few times, do not think that I am naive but the majority of our City Council not stopping to just say hello to Cameron Whitten has me at a loss. With the exception of Amanda Fritz not one of the five members has even tried to speak to a person who is on a hunger strike outside their damn place of work. What the hell is the matter with these guys who will tell you how hard they work for you. Jesus H. Christ would you please go outside of your den of bullshit and talk to Cameron, not because I request it, because it is a very human thing to do. If the majority of you have not stepped outside by next Wednesday, we will start a petition to ask the citizens of Portland if you should. By asking the question your reputation will be damaged and people will begin to understand what kind of "Putz's" we have in City Hall.

Cameron is on his 14th day, if I am counting correctly. He now is joined by another noble soul, Jason Scheer Jene, who is on his 6th or 7th day. Fasting is not easy to do, we should all worry about their health.

This action shows no signs of going away, and will only increase as often happens when politicians ignore their constituents. So get off your male asses and go see Cameron. Talk to him about his 3 demands, maybe you can end this action in the coming days, that would be good for all of us.

Stay safe Cameron and Jason. Know that we are aware of your struggle and will support it the best way we can.