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video: police look for man w/ gun: PSU parking garage

I seen lots of police go driving by me ... heading toward PSU around 11:20 on Monday.
So I went up to see what it was all about.
It was a 'man with a gun' situation.
The man w/ a gun was never found, but from what I heard, the police know who he is.

It seem he pointed a gun at a security guard on the PSU campus.
Then ran with his friend toward the parking structure #3
The SERT team was called in. Hes friend at some point was caught
The neighborhood was in a 'lock-down' for a few hours.
Hours later on the corporate news, I hear that the man w/ the gun had got away ...they did not catch him.

[6.11.12 Portland]
This 6 min video was recorded from a few blocks away from the parking garage on 12th street