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Peace symbols?
If one person who went on a peace march, instead had bought a sack of cement, there would be something to show for the effort.

I suppose you would be getting the point. They hide the dead, the wounded, and pretend some few death require national invasions, and well of course the people all are OK about it.

One may consider all the peace marches against the Vietnam-war, Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2, Afghanistan, the fucking shitty wall street mutual fund/housing/ rip off, or the permanent on going recession. There is no physical evidence that anyone gave or will a shit on the whole.

Its time to create some rather permanent physical symbols of discontent.

There is no symbol from the 99% but to be pitted against each other in bullshit wars... and that should change.

Great Poetry Seems Drunk Wisdom Seems Drunk 11.Jun.2012 22:40


To the unwise.

hard symbol math 12.Jun.2012 06:57


1 sack of cement = .45 cubic foot = 60 lb

10 years of marching.

5000 participants a year marching.

1500 tons of cement or 22,500 cubic feet.

Better to show than a permit.