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Right To Survive's "Pitch A Tent 2" Action Brings Solidarity With Homeless

Right To Survive and R2D2 host "Pitch A Tent II" for solidarity with the homeless as they are prohibited from doing what most Portland citizens do for fun before the Rose Parade; pitch tents and sleep.
StreetNews Report:

Right To Survive hosts its second annual "Pitch A Tent II" action in solidarity with R2DToo and other homeless. The idea is for people to come down and camp along side the homeless to show solidarity for those who only ask for basic human needs. The property on NW 4th Ave is possibly being sold now and is facing future fines in addition to the current city fines in the thousands. At 10am this morning many marched in solidarity from the camp down 4th Avenue to set up tents and Occupy. Food tents were set up with suggested donations for R2S of any amount. I seen many people being fed and drinks, coffee, and condiments were offered.

Some usual Rose Parade camping patrons were fussy about some spaces being taken that they "usually camp" in, but property is not "owned" as we all know so you can't designate your spot from last year. In fact pulling out chalk and duct tape isn't going to help either, so accept the fact that the homeless are Occupying as they always have been...and that they do this 365 days a year. All of us deserve the right to basic human needs such as sleep, shelter, food, water, and hygiene. Right To Survive is planning to Occupy more spaces with tents over the next day and hopes to bring this issue to city leaders' attention as well as the public. We also hope that they drop the fines and quit issuing more. In speaking with Ibrahim from R2DToo, I was told that everything went well and many people were showing up to camp. Casual police monitoring but no interference by them as nightfall came. Show some solidarity with the homeless and come on down~

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