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OceansDay G20 Earth Summit re-write of pre-fab Obama petition

a draft / but i would louve more helps/sources/teachings to practice building the dialogue this is an admittedly limited montage etc.
Subject: Protect the world's oceans at the Rio+20 Earth Summit Dear President Obama, Please, help end ECOCIDE and curb the militarized waste of our planet and oceans at the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Over-fishing, toxic runoff, plastic and carbon dioxide pollution all threaten their health and ability to sustain life. We can tackle these problems and protect our ocean resources for future generations, but it will require bold action and cooperation among many nations and tribes and peoples not represented at the 'Summit'. You recently signed a billion dollar law suit in favor of indigenous peoples in the U.S.; inclusivity and dialogue are parts of the democratic process and this Earth Summit acts like it has authority to make decisions that will affect the world around. For Tsilhqot'in First Nation and Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) Canadian British Columbia, look to the bold testament of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) in the Netherlands; stand up as did Brazilian judge Teles Pires who recently found that the Belo Monte dam to violate indigenous rights. The 'Pygmies' and the Congo rainforest, the Yanomami people in Venezuela, and the Yasuni rainforests of Ecuador do not have representation at the 'summit' but are amidst a struggle to survive as Mohamed Nasheed (former president of Maldives) certainly knows. Significant climate and environmental leadership is growing globally and is truly a grassroots charge. Many bold citizens have risked their own lives to protect valuable life on this planet only to be brutally detained, fined, and meddled with, infiltrated, pre-meditatively entrapped with surveillance that violated the oath that all government gives those whom it represents, and revoked of other freedoms and rights protected by the Constitution. This tide must be turned at a judicial and executive level. Sentencing and application of 'terrorism' charges are absurdly applied to political prisoners whereas corporate villains seem to be encouraged to ramp up the slaughter. The eco-terror must end as also must governmental violence against the very ones who hope and dream and work towards better breathing air and clean water and food and shelter providing privacy and safety in order to sustain life. Recent leadership has come from President Laura Chinchilla Miranda who declared a plan towards boldly preserving 33% of Costa Rica's lands towards natural projects (while championing Internet free of corpora-government control and spying). Mr. President, use the hopeful cinema-real creativity like you did so charismatically in 2008. Show similar leadership in continuing to expand the peaceful democratic process by heeding these bold leaders in your most honorable position. The Rio+20 Earth Summit is a rare opportunity for advancing a healthier future Earth and Ocean. Leadership and cooperative teamwork in Rio will be critical to achieving this goal. That means going to Rio to not only chum around and fly promises. Please, Mr. President, make sure that the United States takes a strong stand at the Rio+20 Earth Summit and supports the following concrete actions to protect the oceans for this and future generations: --Stop counterproductive abuses against animal and environmental advocates; drop charges against United States prisoners: Sarah Whitehead, Heather Nicholson, Ahmed Abdullah, Waqar Hassan Khan, Briana Waters Political prisoners, too long detained in Orleans Parish Prison remaining of The Angola 3 whom Robert King since release in 2001 has been an international leader for justice, Albert Woodward Herman Wallace Eman Hassan, Johathan Paul SHAC7 Rod Coronado Yasir Zamzam Rami Zamzam, Luke Steele, Camille Marino, Gavin Medd-Hall, Walter Bond (overseas): Abdul Haqq (formerly Walter Bond) Adrian Magdaleno Gonzalez Camille Marino Daniel McGowan Eric McDavid Jordan Halliday Joyanna Zacher Nathan Block Justin Solondz Kellie VanOrden Marie Jeanette Mason Steve Murphy Victor VanOrden Viktor Padellaro Paul Shephard (Germany) whom The Five Nation Iroquois Confederacy asked to be released; and the following in the (UK): Gavin Medd-Hall Heather Nicholson Luke Steele Mel Broughton Sarah Whitehead And others who are not included here and who current tides oppress civil liberty as well as global health and equality. --Preventing increased ocean acidification by reducing carbon emissions, creating protected areas to promote resilience and monitoring key ecosystems vulnerable to acidification; and natural habitats for native species, flora and fauna, eco-repair, etc incentives. Carbon Taxes and land-use promotion of wetlands, prairie, and forest. --Curbing the plastic pollution that invades our oceans by reducing the production of single-use plastics, holding producers (American Chemistry Association and petroleum industry) and consumers of plastic accountable for the waste they generate (and process or cycle) and establishing international guidelines for the collection and safe detoxification of Earth and Oceans of oil spills, nuclear and other radioactive waste, and plastic containing toxic BPA and other polymers; --Supporting the development of Marine preservations and wilderness. --Showing teamwork, active listening, cooperation and Action during your time in Rio. Sincerely, 'original' NRDC here: http://bit.ly/KgOhIS other sites: http://rainforests.mongabay.com/1024.htm http://www.ienearth.org/tarsands.html http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/ http://www.ecoprisoners.org/howtohelp.htm http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/12/396335.shtml http://www.angola3.org/ http://vimeo.com/43202213 http://supportmariemason.org/ http://greycoast.wordpress.com/ http://bit.ly/KlwR7v

Sad but true 09.Jun.2012 12:23

Upward Vector Publishing

You are quite correct about so many of the points raised in your article including the subject of ecocide and the corporate-backed and profit-driven militarized destruction of our planet and oceans.

In discussing this subject with others, I sometimes encounter people who don't believe the true depth and scope of this destruction, because it somehow doesn't make sense to them. They just don't understand how things could actually be this bad-off.

Many years ago, I discovered a valuable maxim which has served me truthfully ever since...

If something doesn't seem to make sense, it's only because I'm lacking some vital piece of data about it; and once I find that missing data, everything falls into place, and it all makes perfect sense.

The reason things have gotten this bad is because some are actually intending it to:

Biological Warfare and the Esoteric Agenda