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Cameron Whitten is sentenced

What happened at Cameron Whitten's day in Federal Court
Justice Did Not Happen This Day

If one calls for an action and during that protest people are arrested and have to go to court on their OWN, that is a person I will not hang with. I have been in both places, one where I had lots of support and the other I was just about on my own. I will not do actions with people who do not know what the rules are and a major one is you support people going to court. Anything short of that is screwed up and should not happen.

When one considers an action, all possibilities must be talked out and standing with people in court shows the 1% that we are not alone. I was taken aback as I looked around the federal courtroom how many people, who were just doing their jobs, were assisting the system as a man of honor was told that being on the steps of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and not leaving when ordered by a marshal or cop was going to cost him $225 and 40 hours of slave labor or as the 1% call it, community service. Cameron Whitten had to be punished and that was just about the max that this judge who sat on his trial could do under the law. This was a misdemeanor after all. The prosecutor had the audacity to say how much work they put into this case. Here is my reaction to this outrage!

Forty hours of Community Service is worth about $400 considering paying a person $10.00 an hour, add the $200 fine and the $25 processing fee and you get what the judge decided that Cameron must pay to end this madness. As a side issue but one that is important to me, there is a criminal, a real criminal, who sits on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, he is Appellate Judge J. Bybee. The courthouse that Cameron had the audacity to step on is the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I know this because Individuals For Justice held a vigil for over 2 years every Thursday from high noon until 1-2 PM because Judge J. Bybee is an active member of this court and the Congress will not impeach him. He is a war criminal, just google him and torture.

Here is what bothers me about what happened to Cameron:

He was not represented by a lawyer
He decided to represent himself
There, at the very least, was a failure of the Lawyer's Guild to assist him.
The fine and community service was at the top of the sentencing scale.
All those who were involved with this case have no idea how much damage they did to Cameron, and the justice system. There was no justice on Thursday at 10:00 AM in the courtroom on the 11th floor.
There was only one person who showed up for the trial, or the end of the trial and that was me; a casual friend of Cameron, not one of his close friends.

I was outraged by everyone, the judge, the prosecutor and even the marshal who ordered me to move out of a chair because that is where the other marshal would be sitting. I am on oxygen, walk with a cane and moving is not something I do easily. The other marshal never showed up. As I watched what was going on before me, I became more and more angry at the system, the lack of support for Cameron and finally the sentence. I yelled at the prosecutors that justice was not done here today. It was a very bad day for me, but it was worse for Cameron; he would have to come up with the money and do the community service. Sorry but I was pissed! Cameron wants to appeal and that is something that may happen down the line, but it takes a long time to do appeals and I don't see this judge suspending the sentence pending an appeal and it will be difficult to find a lawyer who will do a lot of work--pro bono.

On our part, those who call for actions need to do better when people are arrested. That is what I am saying, you who could have showed up didn't. Those who have to work I understand you can't just take off, but those of you who knew about the trial could have gone for support--you need to learn this lesson, the process of protest only begins when you are walking in the streets, it ends when all who have been arrested know they are supported.

homepage: homepage: http://individualsforjustice.com

What were the charges? 08.Jun.2012 11:00


So much for unity. What were the charges against him?

Beyond Sad 08.Jun.2012 11:27

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Can anyone still have question about why "the left" makes so little progress. Where is our spirit. Where is our solidarity. Sad.

get off the steps 08.Jun.2012 12:17

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Charge was failure to obey a lawful order by a marshal or cop. Refusing to leave the courthouse steps when ordered. When you protest be aware that the feds will arrest you a lot faster than our local cops.
this is the place
this is the place
This is a noble man
This is a noble man
9th Circuit judge j.bybee---war criminal
9th Circuit judge j.bybee---war criminal

Good Grief 08.Jun.2012 14:39


all this court time waste because he was on the steps of the courthouse

what was the plea 08.Jun.2012 20:37


appeal if you think its of value. Or take it as part of the game.

War crimes indeed. 08.Jun.2012 22:28


hahaha! Sorry, I can't stop laughing at this one. Same guy?

"The Torture Memos, sometimes called the Bybee Memo or 8/1/02 Interrogation Opinion, were a set of legal memoranda drafted by Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the United States John Yoo and signed by Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee. They advised the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States Department of Defense, and the President on the use of mental and physical torment and coercion such as prolonged sleep deprivation, binding in stress positions, and waterboarding, and stated that acts widely regarded as torture might be legally permissible under an expansive interpretation of Presidential authority during the "War on Terror." These memoranda have been the focus of considerable controversy, and were repudiated by President Barack Obama in early 2009. From:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bybee_Memo

And 09.Jun.2012 01:26


If the person going to trial wanted support, there's a pretty easy way of self-publishing a call out. Is Cameron aware of PIMC? I never saw a request for support here? Perhaps if he had let folks know beforehand, there would have been a better turnount. I didn't see anything here, on Portland Occupier, or on the OP facebook page about this hearing. Does he really expect everyone to keep up with every court date connected to OP? Or does Cameron think he deserves extra support because he was a wanna be politician?

SHit 09.Jun.2012 02:43


I would have voted for the guy. Funny, right I kept seeing all those stickers Cameron Whitten for unity. Yep that is what we are missing and had we been able to maintain a united front we would have known about it. Find your passion people let it blind you to reality and when you are making two bucks an hour and living out of a shack in your old age thanks to austerity and the fracturing of organized labor or organized anything I'm going to laugh.

i tried to be there 13.Jun.2012 01:22


hey i tried all three courts and could not find you i began federal, then to mult. i had three people trying to locate the room. i was told 411, then the security wouldnt let me in saying there was nothing on the fourth floor.

Lone Vet = Liar Vet 14.Jul.2012 16:26

Hung Juror

While I appreciate the Lone Vet's interest in justice, the truth is he is a liar. He was not the only person in the courtroom for this trial. Myself and two others were there sitting a few seats away from him. The Lone Vet must know this because he came up to us after the trial to talk to us. Plus, after we all left the courtroom and the Marshall locked it, the Lone Vet realized he forgot his hat in the courtroom and the Marshall was nice enough to unlock it for him to get it. Therefore, I find it difficult to give credibility to anything he says since he is trying to take credit for being the only person there, when clearly he was not.