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Before we get dragged into a new war ...

you might want to reflect on what happened on this date in 1967.
The following headline is a lie. The actual death toll was much higher -- 34 dead, 171 wounded. We never went to war with Israel over this. I personally believe this incident was meant to be a false-flag event aimed at dragging us into Israel's war with Egypt at the time. It's only by the greatest of miracles this ship was not sunk and survivors lived to tell about how their clearly marked American ship was attacked by our supposed ally.

We are being lied to about Syria right now, to goad us into war [  http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2012/06/caught-staged-cnn-syria-interviews.html ]. This opens the back door to war with Iran, which is just what the leaders of Israel have been calling for. In the spirit of the USS Liberty, let us fight for the truth.

Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - The full story

homepage: homepage: http://jpaulson.blogspot.com

Another Syrian Government Apologist 08.Jun.2012 09:25


Bringing up the Liberty and Israel to distract from what is likely a horrific situation caused by Syria really diminishes the seriousness. Jody's blog is weak and proves nothing.

it never ceases to amaze me 08.Jun.2012 11:11


how every time a dictator has a revolt in their country, people clamor to indymedia to defend the dictator and somehow blame the US. As if the Syrian people are too stupid to rise up against oppressive state rule on their own without our "help".

The same drivel happened during the uprising in Libya. Suddenly everyone was talking about how Gaddafi was a great guy. Poor Gaddafi.

I thought you people were supposed to be AGAINST the state. Disgusting.

Who has moral standing? 08.Jun.2012 11:43

theresa mitchell

If there has been a government massacre at Houla, the US is the last country that has a moral standing to oppose it. Perhaps you remember this Democracy Now report from April 2004:


"....The town of Fallujah is under siege and there are reports of a massacre of Iraqis at the hands U.S. troops. The death toll in the town has now topped 600 with over 1,000 injured. [Note: 6000 were killed eventually  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallujah_during_the_Iraq_War]

"Local hospitals reported the majority of the dead were women, children and the elderly. The U.S. maintains 95 percent of those killed were members of the resistance. This according to the Guardian of London. [White phosphorus was used.]

"More than 60,000 women and children fled the city during a brief ceasefire on Friday but the US blocked any men of military age from leaving. Dozens of bodies have been buried in the city's soccer stadium after US forces blocked roads heading toward the cemetery."

From the Pequods to My Lai, our society is right up there with the worst massacre record. Another war? Not with my consent.

another war 08.Jun.2012 13:25


Well, with any luck if there is another war we'll have a republican president. At least that way the "anti-war" movement will remember where they left their outrage and go march around in circles again.

They'be been notably silent since Obama took office, despite the endless wars raging on and on.

The US has no moral standing. 08.Jun.2012 13:35

But who cares.

In Libya Gaddafi was bombing peaceful protests and he got what he deserved for it even if the USA did it for the oil. As for Syria Assad should be killed in my opinion and who cares who does it. America, Al-qaeda, whatever as long as the man ends up dead something kind of like justice takes place. Assad's army has been killing peaceful protesters for over a year. As for the Syrian people they seem as divided by propaganda as the Americans are in regards to their own regime.

Assad is Fascist and Need No Indymedia Apologists 08.Jun.2012 15:11

No Brainer Where U.S. Imperialism is Coming From

Of course U.S. imperialism wants to pick up the pieces of any revolt -- but its alway right to rebel against a butcher like Assad or Gaddafi. The oppressed of the middle east will deal with the "allies" who would impose continued tyranny.

What amazes me... 08.Jun.2012 17:48


is how intense the propaganda for this war is, that they have to hire someone to refute every argument against it posted on the PDX indymedia website

I wish 08.Jun.2012 20:03

Yeah I was the first "kill" comment.

Yeah Assad should be killed. As for why he should be killed because he has allowed or ordered his army to shoot and shell peaceful protesters for over a year. If someone would like to pay me to voice my opinion, please I could use the money. As for an orchestrated effort by the US government to start a war in Syria; I'm not seeing it. I am seeing a lot of propaganda against western intervention on RT otherwise known as the Voice of Russia. As for the indymedia apologist line that was not me and an over-generalization of indymeida readers. As for being paid, Leave an email address and I will contact you. hahaha.

The Big Lies Of The New Western Imperial Matrix 09.Jun.2012 03:12


Every time the Western Empire decides to start a new war or revolution anywhere on earth, their little Tools post something on Indymedia about how nasty and evil the rulers of that place are. Of course, nightmare police states like Saudi Arabia that are vastly more repressive than say, Syria, are never mentioned. This is a clear abuse of this website.

If you want to check out the work of an apparently truly independent journalist who has been in Syria, see:

New York Times interview with Lizzie Phelan

The Syrian government is not without flaws. Some claim that an Alewite Islam dominated government is unfairly ruling a Sunni Islam majority. Why is this the concern of Indymedia readers, given the existance of the Saudi nightmare dictatorship?

It's already been fairly well established that the "rebels" in Syria are controlled by foreign agents anyway.

Maybe Americans should smash their Trojan vote casting and counting machines before we anguish over purported deficiencies in democracy of distant so-called enemies?

Democracy begins at home.

Lizzie Phelan Video:
Indepth update (30/01/2012) on Syria from Lizzie Phelan on Press TV


Global Research, June 7, 2012 — Eyewitness account: Media lies about Syria — Interview

Anhar Kochneva says that the situation in Syria is not at all similar to how it has been presented in the mass media. (Source: Anhar Kochneva)

Independent journalist Anhar Kochneva has been living and working in Syria for more than ten years. She says that the situation in Syria is not at all similar to how it has been presented in the mass media.

She is Russian, speaks fluent Arabic and her friends and neighbors are ordinary Syrians. She walks along the same streets of Damascus and goes shopping in the same stores as any other resident of the Syrian capital. We recently spoke with her to ask about some of the causes for the long-term disorder in Syria?


Some weeks ago I was in Homs. I was in the sadly known Baba Amr district of Homs. Most of the residents have left their homes. My friends live 800 meters from Baba Amr. They told me that bandits fired at their houses. Not the Army. The Syrian army does not kill people. They only answer when the situation is extreme.

Most of the last months' casualties were soldiers of the Syrian Army. The so-called rebels fight in the streets, shoot videos and burn tires. If you see black smoke on a video "made by mobile phone", it's not the result of artillery fire by the army, it is smoke from burning tires.

A month ago I was in Zabadani in southwest Syria. The bandits kept the whole city in fear. We often hear and read in media about the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. A humanitarian catastrophe begins when a city is in the hands of bandits.

In Zabadani, my colleagues and I were captured by bandits. They showed us a rusty tank and said the tank fired at the town. But the two ruined houses were in the middle of the district. I do not think that the tank could shoot from the air or from behind the corner. They gathered a dozen people and organized a demonstration especially for us. At this moment I looked at the people's faces. I saw only fear and hatred on the faces. They were afraid of the bandits and hated them.


Tragically, Syria is an obstacle for the US to change the political balance in the Middle East. Read the book Where to Invade Next, edited by Stephen Elliott, and you will understand a lot about the Arab Spring.

Thanks to the global media, we all live in the alternative media reality. The whole world is watching a movie about something which does not in fact exist; it's fiction in the guise of real events. This is a manipulation of public opinion.

Adolph Hitler would be very impressed with the big lies of the New Western Imperial Matrix.

sure 09.Jun.2012 12:44


Yes, we're tools of the western imperialists or whatever. Sure blues. And you are apologists for dictators who brutally suppress rebellion. Which is worse? Which is the worst lie?

Nice job tying hitler in there to round out your post. This site wouldn't be what it is without your alarmist over the top bullshit contributions.

Yes, You're A Tool Of The western Iimperialists 09.Jun.2012 17:02


The least worst lie is the best lie. My documentation above is the truth. Not that you have the slightest interest in that.

Massacre or Macaroni 09.Jun.2012 18:30


massacre or macaroni

As I looked at the above commentary or contribution the Mexican headless came to mind.

Given the dead ones, no matter how great in number they be, apparently are sanctioned deaths.

Its OK till its not.

5 min of hate a day from the media at least.

Slavery is Freedom
lie is truth

the big wisher 10.Jun.2012 16:59


I wouldn't expect you to say anything different.

But there are a bunch of activists infighting. 11.Jun.2012 21:00

Not that Anon

But there are a bunch of activists infighting as they always seem to. This is why we keep losing. Even meth-heads whomever the meth-heads are can be activists in the right moment. If you don't have solidarity and trust across the whole activist spectrum your activism is pointless beyond the marginal changes you can make with in your own life. And honestly I can't say I trust any of you people.

right 12.Jun.2012 09:30


I sure as hell don't trust anyone who would support a dictatorship, which seems to be popular on Indymedia lately. I'll stick with anarchists who actually, you know, oppose the state.

anok 12.Jun.2012 12:16


Blues, youre a nutbar. The same U.N. and human rights n.g.o.s that call Israel a war criminal have detailed extensively whats going on in Syria. If you didnt spend all day on b.s. conspiracy theory blogs, and werent just some lonely anti semite, you would truly feel for these people. Its a tragedy, the kind that kills hope. Israel sucks, but Israel hasnt mentioned Syria. Israel doesnt care about the Syrian people, and if you were paying attention as you walked through whatever shitty little existence you live, youd realize that. Israel doesnt dictate American policy, its the other way around. Israel is a middle eastern nation that just came to first world nation status 20 years ago. Its a somewhat backward place, still comparing to the U.S. very poor, and about the size of New Jersey. Israel commits war crimes, but not everyone there supports them. But you dont care about Israel, you just hate Jews. Fuck you.

Yeah it's pretty clear the USA does not give a shit. 12.Jun.2012 14:46

Not that Anon.

Israel is hardly poor. Anyways yeah it seems clear Obama is afraid to do anything about Syria because he does not want it to become an election issue. Also does Israel control American foreign policy? Yes sometimes they do through AIPAC and other underhanded methods. What is with all the accusations and name calling towards "Blues"? I disagree with him as well (I think NATO/USA or whomever gives enough of a shit should be bombing the fuck out of the Syrian military and their artillery.) but I don't see how talking shit to other posters on indymedia is going to lead to anything constructive.

anok 15.Jun.2012 09:57



And what leverage are these peole using anyway. HOW, HOW, HOW does a.p.a.c., a bujch of fucking lawyers, control the policy of the biggest imperialist force the world has probably ever seen? How? I always see the Jew baiting, never get the how.

Israel doesnt want to control the world, right wing Israelis stop at Palestine and liberals end at a handful of settlements. MY MOTHER CANT WORK HER COMPUTER SHE DOESNT CONTROL THE WORLD YOU IDIOT.

And most Israelis ARE quite, quite poor friend. You should get out of hicksville and take a trip there sometime, since it is the "REAL" seat of empire for you.

I stand by my fuck you, and I stand on my shame on Indy media. Allowing one daranged rant after another perpetuating anti semitic stereotypes. Shame on you people. Free Palestine, oh yeah...

And Turtle Island too.

It's not so much that they contorl the world. 16.Jun.2012 14:18

You crazy antiarab fuck

APAC lawyers influence government through money same as everything else in the USA. Israel got that land by using Irgun terrorists to blow up a hotel and by stealing weapons from the British in case you forgot. Also poor is a relative term. Ask all those starving children with out medical care in the West Bank about who is poor. Furthermore the Palestinians and the jews are the same people; Semites. That's what makes this whole conflict so stupid.

Read a book. 16.Jun.2012 14:26

No really.

List of Irgun attacks.
Also Zionism dates back to before WW2 and 1948 was 64 years ago.

anok 16.Jun.2012 15:40



Human rights are Jewish rights. Shame on you people. If you cant hold yourself to that standatd, dont be here. You fuck OUR shit up. Hick.

anok 16.Jun.2012 15:53


How am I antiarab? Im in Israel as BDS as we speak you stupid fuck...but Im Jewish. And you didnt say influence...you said control. And this...is a chronic misrepresentation of fact, to the point, that its a lie. And if you think that by supporting this statement, youre any kind of hero to the Palestinian people, youre not dealing in reality. Much like the author. Youre just an embarrassment, you just distort the facts, so that in the end, it doesnt matter what side youre on. You just inflame the situation and vindicate zionism.

And dont tell me to read a book. Im in Israel. I dont have to. Im well studied on the matter. Maybe you should be studying about anti semitic stereotypes, Ill keep protesting the occupation, qnd when youre not such a useless dick, we can do bizz. Until then, eat shit and die. I didnt defend Israel, I called you anti semites posing as leftists. And you aint shit.

Fuck you. You can criticize Israel all you want. You should use some facts, because this article, has...a couple. But lets be honest, you know and I know the author, and honestly probably you too give less than a shit about the Palestinian people. And thats tragic.

Oh sorry 16.Jun.2012 16:01

I could care less about your life.

As your Government is trying to start a war with my people asshole. I'm Persian you racist fuck. I hope you die in pain. (And I was trying to keep this civil) Anyways what the fuck are you doing spreading your bullshit on PDX IMC? Here ANOK, why not go say all that shit here ( http://www.israel.indymedia.org/newswire/display/7200/i...x.php ) instead of on a website for Portland, Oregon. I'll be praying for a stray IDF bullet Anok.

anok 16.Jun.2012 16:20


Israel is a criminal by international standards....fact

Israel commits warcrimes...fact

Israel steals sovereign Palestininian land...fact.

Israel, by the textbook definition of the word, commits acts of terror against civilian populations...fact.

Israel has a piss poor record of civil liberties, punishong not only its native Arab populatipn, but also its radical leftist Jewish population...fact

Israel has created a propoganda war against Syria, which, turns out, is a hunky fucking dory place to live, in order to provoke the biggest imperialist force in the world to go into another war in the middle east...not even close to reality. Israel was responsible for the Sueze canal...once again, not really true.

If you cant stand up for truth, you are just going to fuck shit up. You want to hate Israel, go ahead. But this is a bunch of bullshit, and youre defending, a liar. Im not pro Israel, Im not anti Israel, Im pro human rights. Im pro Palestinian. You can be both in the end. You can be anti Israel for the time being, but if in the end, youre just going to arbitrarily hate Israel anyway, you undermine the moral arguments,and validate Israeli propoganda, i.e. youre all anti semites and you dont respect international law, well, why should they? I dont care if you hate Israel, you cannot validate this insane paranoia, because all you do is change the nature of the argument. Israel is a state, its armed to the teeth, and is recognized by the world over. Its not going anywhere. But so is Palestine, the problem is only in the abstract, and youre taking away the focus from the real problem just to take a potshot. And thats garbage.

Im sorry for losing my temper, but youre not only wrong, in your assessment of my character, but also validating, mental illness. And thats what this is. It might even be Israels fault. Israel IS a liar, like any other imperialist force, big or small. We all know from the truthers, what nationalist propoganda does to a person, but you dont have to validate anti semitic stereotypes to trash Isrwel. The facts should speak for themselves.

anok 16.Jun.2012 17:16



And Im here to combat antisemitism. This is pretty much the only thing that brings me out. If you dont want to dewl with me, dont get behind parwoid delusion to make your case.

Sounds great lets "dewl" 16.Jun.2012 18:12


Pistols a dawn maybe? I'm game but you got to figure out how to get to Portland from the west-bank. hahahaha. If it's going to this cowardly typing thing knock yourself out I'm having fun.

anok 17.Jun.2012 18:16


Ill get back to you when I figure that out...

Well, lets hope theres someone out there who cwn organize people when Israel commits a war crime. You need broad support. You need to show Jewish Americans, like myself and my family, that you believe that what Isrwel does is wrong.

Intifada will break out again, and justifiably. You need to be able to express to the world, that you support Intifada, but you have to sound like youre not out of your fucking mind.You need to, and for all its faults, suppport BDS as best as an American citizen can. But you also have to weed out the anti semites. Because if youre going to the media and saying occupatin no more, well, most Jewish Americans are fastidious liberals, and Israel, believe it or not, is kind of an embarrassment. You have to be able to stand with them. Id talk to Jews For Racial and Economic Juctice, see whre thy stand. Ask synogogues to sign a declraration of human rights. But most of all, if you vote, do not vote for the Barack Obama. Do not vote hypocracy. Make that clear, for yourself if anyone.

In the mean time, honestly, we wait for Israel to fuck up again. Funny thing I told you, I protest in the West Bank. Sad thing is, it means more to this cause if I get killed or maimed. Im trying for that not to happen, but Jewish American protesting in West Bank killed by a steel bullet in rubber casing, is pretty much the end of the Zionist myth. American period. International period. The army officer fired for smacking the Dane on land day, that A)wouldnt have happened 3 years ago, and B) wouldnt have happened if it were an Israeli citizen, Jewish citizen, much less someone of Arab or Palestinian descent, citizen or not. Its an embarrassment. Its getting to them. Their bullshit cant hold up much longer. The problem is how do you convince 8 million Jewish Americans to take a stand.

Its very imprtant, crucial that you weed out anti semites. You can call Israel a criminal. Why? Because according to International Law, they are. Fact. End of story. No banks, no Rothchilds, none of that shit. If YOU are Jewish, you need to be doing SOMETHING, ANYTHNG for this cause. You mean more to it than anyone. If its taking 10 minutes out your day to express a humble discontent at a brutal occupation being carried out in your name on an Israeli website, something, anything. But this is in the abstract a civil rights cause. Study how they did it in regards to South Africa?