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the Red & Black and the Greenwashing of Labor Exploitation

Greenwashing of Labor Exploitation
the progressive community needs to be more self-critical
empowering serial exploitative labor abuse scenarios is the disease of the progressive movement.
this is a call to indy media to demand the end of unpaid work at red and black, and demand an immediate Living Wage for current workers, and a scheme of settlement for previous underpaid and abused workers.

until progressive communities renounce the exploitation of interns and free labor and the devaluing of human time and talent, the negative consequences will impact every aspect of our lives and human dignity, not to mention our social security pensions which will leave our unpaid work---non-remunerated---enforcing elderly impoverishment.
the Red & Black and the Greenwashing of Labor Exploitation

red and black is a vegan anarchist cafe. is it because they are anarchist, they don't even pretend to want to follow labor law?---and openly mandate free labor?----this has bothered me a whole bunch. glad i found the time to write this letter to  general@redandblackcafe.com,  BOLI.mail@state.or.us

Bureau of Labor and Industries
800 NE Oregon St., Suite 1045
Portland 97232


Dear Red and Black

what makes red and black exempt from labor laws?

do you know if this "ownership" scheme legitimizes your serial extraction of 111 hours of free labor???????

"you must invest 111 hours of "sweat equity" (unpaid labor)."

aren't you ashamed to be demanding over 100 hours free labor----which will also impact the pensions of your workers under social security when they are old, re-inforcing chronic poverty?????

Dear Bureau of Labor and Industry of Oregon,

are you aware of Red and Black's flagrant advertisement of such a labor scheme?

can you point me towards any justification for it, or if there is none commence an investigation?

Red and Black
400 SE 12th avenue
Portland, OR 97212

I am concerned about the Greenwashing of Labor Exploitation.
Thank You,
Mary Eng

homepage: homepage: http://laborlawfornonlawyers.blogspot.com/2012/06/red-black-and-greenwashing-of-labor.html

wow 11.Jun.2012 10:42


I really don't know what to say about this. How can you possibly be against letting Red and Black have this sort of arrangement? It is non-coerced and perfectly in line with the ideals of a co-op to behave in this way.

You seriously think 100 hours of labor that isn't paid into social security is going to significantly impact someone? That is probably less than $50. And again, it is something that is done willingly by the participant.

I am really disappointed to see this kind of writing on Indymedia.