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Protest June 14th - Earl Blumenauer - Reasons not to celebrate democrats

There's going to be a big party for a famous moderate democrat. Earl has voted for the DOMA law to ban gay marriage. He's refused to answer questions in town hall meetings on impeachment. He's voted for free trade, the list goes on. Please add a comment as to why we should not celebrate this democrat's 40 years in public office.
what: Celebrate or Protest - Gala for Congressman Earl Blumenauer - 40 years of moderate leadership
When: 7pm Thursday June 14th.
Where: Memorial Coliseum, Portland Oregon

Cost: Free
call (503) 231-2300 for tickets
7pm Pre party
8pm Main Event
VIP tickets are $100

Cost of not going: More of the same.

Please post your ideas as to why we should not celebrate Earl.

Come protest with people who are working for alternatives. For example: The Oregon Working Families party has just helped to throw out a less than helpful democrat named Mike Schaufler. Many dream that Earl can be replaced by a true progressive.

Earl is outspoken but inactive on many issues that spread poverty and inequality. His error on DOMA ( Defence of Marriage Act) mirrors his actions on many other major issues. This includes but is not limited to Free Trade, Highway expansion, and his failure to even put impeachment of Bush/Cheney into dialog. He voted for bigotry in the DOMA law because it would let us "move on" and take the "steam out" of the right wing. None the less, many people in Portland think he is a model we should celebrate due to his work to create bike lanes and other small good things.

Earl is someone who is frequently outspoken in theory, and inactive when there is a call for action. He is outspoken against sprawl and highway expansions, but he is silent on the $5 billion CRC project to expand Interstate-5 from 6 to 12 lanes. The CRC a project for 1 mile in Portland and 5 miles into Vancouver Washington. Oregon is paying half the cost to build a commute route for suburbanites in another state. He's outspoken on equity, but supports free trade without apology or debate.

Earl's net worth is just under $5 Million dollars. That's well above the average house member at $900,000. Many think this is based on insider information in congress. Earl's never worked in the private sector, and he's had modest income from being a PSU assistant for 8 years and then held office in Salem, Multnomah County and then DC.


"graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 1970 (after organizing an unsuccessful 1969 campaign to lower the state's voting age to 18) and worked until 1977 as assistant to the president of Portland State University. In 1972, he won a seat in the Oregon House of Representatives. He moved to the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners in 1978, and from there, in 1986, he won election to the Portland City Council. Though he lost a mayoral election in 1992, he easily won election to the United States House in 1996 and has not faced serious opposition since.

 link to www.earlblumenauer.com

"Since I was an outspoken supporter of anti-discrimination, I assumed that my calculations would be understood"

Photo Credit sunilgarg on Flickr.com

 link to www.usatoday.com

Please post your thoughts on celebrating a middle of the road democrat.