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Grand jury cooperator in San Francisco

Active grand jury in San Francisco. At least 4 have been subpoenaed, with one known cooperator.
Otessa Crandell has cooperated with the most recent grand jury witch-hunt, claiming to investigate an arson in Santa Cruz, CA that was never claimed by underground groups. The grand jury in reality is just harrassing local vegans.

She doesn't deny her cooperation. She claims that she gave them nothing of substance, and they just asked about phone numbers from her cell phone call logs. It's unknown what they actually asked, and how this information will be used the federal prosecutors.

Cooperating with the FBI, in their guilt by association witch-hunts, is unacceptable.

We need to support grand jury resistors, unify them, and help them resist together. Let's organize events that de-mystify the grand jury process.


Well 06.Jun.2012 06:51

just me

They likely had the cell phone logs anyway...

Hm 06.Jun.2012 16:43

say what?

So "just me," your theory is that they went to the trouble of subpoenaing her to confirm information they already knew? Seems unlikely, but that's just me. In any case, it's still unacceptable to snitch to cops or federal agents, even if that snitching is "not telling them anything they already knew."

Hm Yeah well...... 07.Jun.2012 15:29

just another me thinking

A few years in jail instead of confirming what they already can prove isn't righteously standing up against the man. It is pure stupidity unless you really like three hots and a cot. Answering questions about only yourself is fine just remember it will be used against you, just don't talk about others.

tough 08.Jun.2012 08:08


yeah - I could see that. Depending on what the situation is, if someone was hypothetically very distant or genuinely unrelated to the criminal activities or the group of activists being monitored... they couldn't help the activists by refusing to testify, but they could harm themselves substantially.