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Does Syria Hold a Trump Card on the US?

Commentary on tensions with Syria

The US CIA and Israeli Mossad now have all the pieces in place for a repeat of the Lebanese Civil War for Syria. Little portions of the truth are starting to surface and what we are finding out is that there are three distinct elements at work in Syria.

We have the Assad regime, which is the legitimate government that, until about a year ago, was sporting itself as a US ally.

Then there is the anti-government political faction, which is being organized through socialist one world insurgents. These would be the protesters in the streets.

And finally there are the terror squads. These are international murderers brought into Syria by the CIA and Mossad and it is their job to agitate a civil war between the pro-Assad government and the anti-Assad government factions.

After the people of Syria have been brought to their knees through the carnage of war, the globalists will step in and offer relief from famine and disease for exclusive access and control of Syria's resources and borders. Then the Israelis can start whittling away at Syrian sovereignty as a mechanism to conquest.

The calls for US intervention in Syria are mounting as the US role in this plot is to supply the necessary arms and air support to the government opposition while Russia and Iran provide the same to the government forces. This is a war the people of Syria will not win as every eventuality spells an end to their status as a sovereign nation.

Many are wondering what is holding the US back at this point as the invasion of Libya was literally rammed down the throats of the American people under essentially the same circumstances.

As previously mentioned, Syria, until a year or so ago, was a close US ally. Guantanamo Bay was and is just a staging point for US Torture, Inc. Many a political enemy of the Zionist controlled United States and Israel were flown to Syria for torture sessions and Assad, being no fool, kept meticulous records of the sessions that, if released, would show the US intelligence and Defense Department for the diabolical monsters they really are.

We are talking documentation of international war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus the globalists find themselves in a conundrum.

The power elite at the top of the pyramid are growing impatient with their US cronies' reluctance to go forward with the invasions of Syria and Iran, while at the same time these US agents are being threatened with exposure by Syria if they do invade. And so the tension mounts and brings about the eventuality that a US invasion into the Middle East will have to be accompanied by full blown martial law in the United States in order to protect the power structure from the retaliations of we the people.

This is a tinder box with sparks coming at it from every direction. One way or another the stress will have to be relieved and when it is we are going to see violent events that will make everything that has happened in the last ten years seem menial in comparison.

May God help us steal ourselves for the inevitable fight that lies ahead.

what 04.Jun.2012 09:09


"We have the Assad regime, which is the legitimate government that, until about a year ago, was sporting itself as a US ally. "

This isn't really accurate at all. We have had sanctions in place against Syria as recently as 2010, and terrible relations with them since 2005. We actually completely severed diplomatic relations with them in 2005. The US embassy in Syria was attacked in 2006. Hardly actions that speak of alliances.

With such basic facts wrong in your article, it makes me seriously question the rest of your analysis.

Is MSM drumming up another casus belli with Syria like they did with Libya? 04.Jun.2012 12:24

Jody Paulson

Can't help but remember how America rushed in to drop Depleted Uranium on Libyan soil to save the rebels.

Syrian Detour: LIARS In Media Caught Using Iraq Mass Grave Photo As Syria Propaganda.