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GMOs are Going to Depopulate the Earth

This video is essential. Send it out. Get everybody to see it. Eighty percent of the CORN in the USA is GMO. I don't know what proportion of Soy is GMO. I don't know what proportion of cotton is GMO, but the implications are horrifying.

Jeffrey Smith on GMOs. Also read: The Seeds of Deception

It is time to push for prosecution of these crimes against humanity.
VANCOUVER, WA: JUNE 2, 2012--GMO SOY AND COTTON SEED CAKE CAUSE STERILITY IN ANIMALS. GMO corn causes tumors in rats. Infant mortality among animals fed GMOs is extremely high. After three generations, animals fed GMO foods become STERILE. STERILE. That's right. There are a number of reasons for this occurrence.

WATCH THIS VIDEO. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. REMEMBER THAT THE USA IS NOW A SIGNATORY TO THE ICC (INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT) We can ask for the scientists from Monsanto and its board members be tried as criminals for their deliberate concealment of the facts about GMOs. I wrote this article and I am giving my permission to everybody to send this to everybody who needs to see it. EUROPE HAS BANNED GMOs. We can do this. We can stop it. PROJECT CENSORED REPORTED THAT THE GMO ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN REPORTED ON THIS COUNTRY. LET'S CHANGE THAT.

Jeffrey M. Smith on GMOs Watch it--Give it to everybody